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PhilZ Touch 4 Recovery
Enhanced Clockworkmod

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>> Root + Download links + Special instructions in POST 2 <<
>> Repacked with latest stock kernels to be SDS safe <<
<<< Official up to date thread >>>

PhilZ Touch Features: Guide and updated thread HERE

  • touch interface:
    - toggle between 3 touch modes: FULL TOUCH, DOUBLE TAP to validate and SEMI TOUCH (scroll but no touch validation)
    - written from scratch full touch code
    - safe full touch : no wrongly validations while scrolling
    - when you set full touch mode, it defaults to optimized settings for menu height, scroll sensitivity and touch accuracy (you still can alter them manually later)
    - adjust scroll sensitivity in a huge palette
    - adjust menu height in a huge palette
    - adjust touch accuracy
    - 27 color settings for each of the 6 GUI parts + 5 alpha transparency settings
    - user custom background png can be selected in addition to 27 solid colors option
    - show / hide background icon
    - show / hide bottom virtual buttons
    - show/hide + set color and transparency for menu line separators to match solid color themes, like Black...
    - set number of bottom log rows to show
    - Friendly Log View and pause on logs: no more miss logs during zip installs
    - auto dim screen after user configurable delay
    - auto turn off screen after user configurable delay
    - adjust brightness and turn off screen with a gesture action
    - show/hide clock and remaining battery %, even during nandroid operations
    - clock and battery stats now effectively refresh every 30 seconds and during nandroid operations
    - toggle vibrator on/off when using bottom virtual buttons
    - toggle key repeat for volume up/down scrolling when maintained pressed
    - set time zone + 30mn offset: correct time can now be set for nandroid backup path and clock
    - capture recovery screen shots with a gesture action
    - one file to save all settings
    - backup and restore settings file
    - reset to default settings option
    - prompt to restore your settings from a backup when they are wiped by a new ROM install
    - option to auto restore your settings from a backup without a prompt
    - all toggles are applied live, without restart of recovery (except reset of stock CWM background image)
    - toggle menu options are automatically right aligned and menu text left aligned based on device display size
    - configurable gesture actions: double tap, slide right/left, long press/lift, long press/move, can be associated with any of: show log, change brightness, blank screen, capture screen shot, launch Aroma File Manager​
    Note: after scroll, first touch will select only, second touch will validate: this is by design and not a bug. It is there to limit erroneous validation while scrolling

  • browse phone with root access using full GUI in Aroma File Manager
  • terminal access from recovery with root access through Aroma File Manager
  • Multi Zip Install menu: check multiple zip files to install in a row
  • Custom Install Zip Mode: set a default folder to start with + browse backward up to the root
  • exFAT + ext4 support in recovery for external sd
  • TWRP backup and restore support, include full md5 sum support (single and multivolume, compressed and non compressed formats)
  • support .android_secure backup/restore from external storage and exfat partitions
  • optional reboot after custom backups/restores
  • sd-ext support (ext4)
  • nandroid backups support /preload in backup and restore jobs (custom and stock backups)
  • set special nandroid settings: time zone, toggle md5 check for lightning fast backup and restore, toggle /preload backup and restore, enable nandroid compression using pigz (multi-cpu gzip compression) and choose ors backup target volume
  • you can cancel any nandroid operation with back button
  • create from current ROM or from a pre-existing nandroid backup (based on boot, /system and optionally /preload)
  • nandroid backup path now will be named with current ROM id from build.prop (ro.modversion, then ro.romversion, then
  • custom backup and restore job list: backup and restore freely any partition combo (include modem and efs) from old nandroid folder or new custom_backup one
  • custom restore option to browse from /sdcard/0 (android 4.2 workaround)
  • backup/restore EFS in both tar + img formats, now with time incremented copies for both tar and .img
  • support flash modem.bin image files in addition to custom modem.img files, now support for multiple *.bin versions under dedicated folder
  • during custom restore, you can see the contents of the folder you want to restore from
  • delte custom or TWRP backups from recovery menu
  • full wipe before flashing new ROM: wipe user data + format /system and /preload. SD card content is not affected
  • full support for openrecovery script specifications include all backup and restore options
  • run openrecovery scripts in 3 modes: on start goomanager boot scripts + one touch menu to either directly open a default path or freely browse for scripts
  • define ors backup target volume from within Nandroid Settings menu
  • ors restore path supports stock clockworkmod path, TWRP path and custom_backup path
  • poweroff, reboot to recovery and reboot to download mode options
  • dual USB mount in recovery support and mount external sd over usb for /data/media devices
  • adb root in recovery: just wait about a minute to activate
  • detailed build info in About menu

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PhilZ Touch v4.92.8
-true jb 4.2 migration: live toggle between /data/media and /data/media/0
-this implementation keeps compatibility with stock cwm while giving user option to force /data/media/0
-when migrating from or to jb 4.2, you still need to move folders to/from /data/media/0. No one will do it for you
-fix early mount of /data for datamedia devices caused by write_recovery_version(). This could cause errors on some install scripts
-hide some external menus for devices without external storage
-fix setup free browse mode bug for devices without external storage
-fix free browse mode could not browse up to the root for /data/media devices
-fix misc nandroid settings menu regression for devices without external storage
-fix .nandroid_secure selection in custom backup and restore for devices without external storage
-no more mount internal/external storage when checking for ors script at startup
-do not report custom recovery logs to rom manager
-export error log on failure during boot installed packages
-make sure we have all the log posted by users
-misc bug fixes



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[28.04.2013][PhilZ Touch][i930x]4.96.5 Touch Enhanced CWM

New 4.96.5 (27.04.2013)

- change event input handling code to support auto-interpolation
- auto support for devices built-in virtual keys
- enable key repeat for recovery virtual buttons (up/down): now they auto-repeat while pressed
- fix HTC One X nandroid backup was very slow (ramdisk changes)
- fix touch for new N71xx, T889, I317/M repacks based on wanam Adam 2.3 kernel to fix boot delay for non stock kernels
- misc bug fixes and code optimization

Download links
[DLMURL=""]My Files[/DLMURL]


Android Beginner
New version 5.03.0

Below is full change log
In short:
- potential serious bug for /data/media devices
- Advanced Backup statistics during nandroid tar operations
- Update to cwm
- 3 new colors as requested
- Add toggles to change color of header text and battery/clock display color
- Small GUI changes (fix color highlight of virtual buttons and the bottom menu line color

- fix backup size progress in twrp mode
- improve code for backup stats during nandroid jobs
- display full backup stats (total size, compression ratio, elapsed time) at end of backups
- merge last cm-10.1 updates:
* fix nandroid cmd command did not load volume table
* support nandroid dump/undump commands
* nandroid backup command line still segfaults
* silent log when mounting /data/media
- add 3 new color palettes (30 colors total): dimmer gray, yellow and gold
- add toggle for header custom color
- add toggle for battery and clock custom color
- line at bottom of menus will now have same color as menus separator lines
- set new defaults to header and menu text colors
- show backup/restore stats in color during nandroid jobs
- fix touch issue when exiting friendly log or blanked screen, and pressing on virtual buttons

- fix root break for devices with shared recovery partition caused by Whil Wheaton update
- advanced backup size monitoring during nandroid operations
- prompt to cancel backup on low free space (% and absolute)
- live display size stats during backup: total data written, free space left
- support backup and restore of /misc partition for both CWM and TWRP operations
- prevent potential segfault when calling is_data_media_volume_path()
- merge cm-10.1 changes:
* remove adb sideload /tmp/ after flashing to avoid second flash under some circumstances
- fix android_secure could not be backed up under some circumstances (ensure mount of sdcard)
- completely rewritten android_secure support: much simpler code
- optimize cancel nandroid job action
- allow cancel yaffs2 nandroid operations
- allow dim screen timeout during yaffs2 nandroid operations
- fix set brightness and auto-dim screen timer for Nexus 7 and Nexus 10
- fix battery stats display for Nexus 10
- restore default actions of real device keys we fake for touch events
- correctly map device virtual keys to default recovery actions
- fix virtual buttons highlight color to match their line separator color (blue)

- support Nexus 7 and Nexus 10
- clean code for non PhilZ Touch buils
- Merge cm-10.1 changes to cwm
* recovery: fix sideload cancel" into cm-10.1
* make_ext4fs support
* auto prompt to root device when booting to main system

- use device specific background images during compile process

Download links
Dev-Host - The Ultimate Free File Hosting / File Sharing Service

Dev-Host - The Ultimate Free File Hosting / File Sharing Service



- libtouch_gui 1.21: auto detect BRIGHTNESS_SYS_FILE path if it is not set during compile
* search for the file in most common locations
* if found, save it to recovery settings ini file to be called on next recovery starts
* else, disable adjust brightness function to avoid error logs on recovery start
- fix various compiler warnings and errors
- enhance pre-compile setup
- dedupe: merge clean up code from @xiaolu
- merge: fix restorecon_from_file potential crash from @xiaolu (only for BOARD_RECOVERY_USE_BBTAR)
- fix 240x320 images
- merge "cwm: Honor recovery variant "
- merge "cwm: Remove hardcoded paths"
- merge "Keep 'show log' on screen until user dismisses it"
- create /data/media directory after internal storage is wiped
prevents denial to read/write from internal storage under some circumstances
- open source touch_gui library
- update licence files




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Version 6.42.7 ist online (30.05.2014)
default to busybox tar:
- use busybox tar by default as it now supports selinux context backup/restore
- unify libtar and busybox tar options (-p for selinux context)
- remove now deprecated external selinux container code


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