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Die erste E-Mail im Original

Received:From Csnet-Sh.arpa by csnet-relay; 2 Aug 84 12:35 EDT Date:Thu, 02 Aug 84 12:21:58 EDT To:rotert%germany@csnet-relay.csnet cc:zorn%germany@csnet-relay.csnet, cic%csnet-sh.arpa@csnet-relay.csnet, breeden%csnet-sh.arpa@csnet-relay.csnet Subject:Wilkommen in CSNET! From:Laura Breeden <breeden%csnet-sh.arpa@csnet-relay.csnet> Via:csnet-relay; 3 Aug 84 10:44-MET


This is your official welcome to CSNET! We are glad to have you aboard. I gather that you and Dan were able to talk about some of the details of your implementation at the Paris conference. Dan also said you are interested in CSNET paraphernalia (like t-shirts). If I can come up with some stickers (about the only thing we have), I will send them.

I am going to send you a series of informational messages about using CSNET, including instructions for forming network addresses, using the Name Server, and finding your way around the Internet. Please let us know if you have any questions.

Because some sites act as forwarders or have other internal concerns, we ask new sites to confirm that they are ready before we announce them up to the rest of CSNET. In your case, I would also like to include some information about DFN in the announcement (what hosts are on it, how to reach them via your host). From your recent message, it looks as though your VAX is the only machine able to send and receive CSNET mail.

For the announcement I will also want to be sure that the information on the site sheet is correct and complete. We show the following for you:

administrative liaisonW. Zorn (zorn@germany) technical liaisonMichael Rotert (rotert@germany) official namegermany aliaseskarlsruhe, uka, dfn

Let me know how you'd like to handle the announcement.

Thank you,
Laura Breeden,
CSNET CIC User Liaison

PS: below is a message sent to the liaisons introducing the CIC.


The CSNET CIC (Coordination and Information Center), located at Bolt Beranek and Newman Inc. in Cambridge, MA, is under contract to the University Corporation for Athmospheric Research to provide the central focus for questions, problems, and information about CSNET. The members of our staff are:

Dr. Richard Edmiston - Director
Laura Breeden - User Liaison
Dan Long - Technical Liaison
Dennis Rockwell - Technical Staff
Mike O'Brian - Technical Staff
Charlotte Mooers - User Support
Joanne Rheaume - Staff Assistant

Dick Edmiston is also a member of the CSNET Executive Committee.

We are available online at the address cic@csnet-sh; this mailbox is checked frequently and reaches all of us. Our 24-hour hotline phone number is (617) 497-2777. This number is staffed seven days a week.

Please contact us if you have any questions about CSNET use or membership.


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