Individualisierung [ALLE KERNEL] Trickster MOD Kernel Settings


Teammitglied a. D.
Nexus 5
Nexus 7 (2013)


Mit der Trickster MOD Kernel Settings App könnt ihr alle (von eurem Kernel unterstützten) Einstellungen vornehmen.

Trickster MOD app is a tweaking tool to change various settings included in your kernel and other mods to your phone.
* Trickster MOD has abilities to do the following *
- ADB over WLAN
- Set I/O scheduler, read ahead buffer, CPU scaling governor, min and max CPU speed
- CPU Statistics
- Set Device hostname

* Following features depend on kernel support *
- Color for Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 4, contrast and gamma tweaks for Galaxy Nexus
- Generic hotplug
- CPU Temp limit
- Minimal SmartReflex voltage of Core, IVA, and MPU domains
- Nominal SmartReflex voltage for Core, IVA, and MPU domains
- Regulator voltages
- GLaDOS live OC of Core, GPU and MPU
- WIFI mode for screen off (power saving or full speed)
- Vibrator strength
- Headset volume boost
- High performance sound
- Force fast charge
- Battery live extender
- Touch wake and touch wake duration
- fsync control
- Sweep 2 wake
- And more...

Die passende App zum Kernel (z.B. beim franco oder faux Kernel) muss also nicht immer zwingend gekauft werden.

Wer trotzdem Geld ausgeben will, der kann sich den Trickster MOD Donate Key kaufen. Damit hat man dann noch ein paar extra Features.

- Bootloop Preventer
- Frequency Lock
- Galaxy Nexus custom color profile
- Bootloader lock/unlock without fastboot and data wipe
- Kernel backup/restore
- Launcher shortcuts to some app operations

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