Kernel von Franco, sehr Bekannter Dev vom Gnex.

* jRCU by default (seems to scale very well with the quad cores)
* IO patches all across the board
* Config stripped of debug for a lean kernel
* SLQB memory allocator
* CRC32 lib updated (important for some core features of the kernel)
* NTFS + NTFS write support - useful for USB OTG
* Module to change Wi-Fi power management policy on the fly (check second post)
* Much more to be seen on my repository


* Back to Tree RCU instead of jRCU - Tree RCU coupled with RCU_BOOST brings the A game back to the field. It gives more CPU throughput and thus more performance than jRCU. It will be more stable (I think jRCU *could* be causing some weird instability when gaming)
* Lots of .config cleanups for a better end-user experience
* Lots of ramdisk tweaks and fix-ups for better experience
* Now it actually applies Simple IO scheduler as the default one (the ramdisk was enabling noop before)
* Some other minor differences and tweaks

* Added Simple IO scheduler by default
* Add Sound Control V2. Now with a proper sysfs interface that (I hope) isn't intrusive to sound during calls (I tested a few calls and all was fine). Also will let you configure the strength of the volume boost. Huge props to Supercurio for the original work, I mostly ported the volume increase code to our device with a few modifications. Sysfs path its on the second post. Any encountered bug please provide useful feedback and not just "AMG NU WORK FIX NAO".

* extFat module should now be working thanks to gokhanmoral
* Added SLQB memory allocator and made it default - seems to speed things up a little bit
* More config cleanups
* NTFS + NTFS write support - useful for USB OTG
* Compile with some arch flags for some extra tiny bits of performance
* CRC32 lib updated like its common on all my kernels
* I/O writeback functionality also updated to 3.2 kernel version just like its on my other kernels
* Tuned a little bit of the dirty_writeback values on the ramdisk
* Add module to change Wi-Fi power management policy on the fly: echo Y > /sys/module/dhd/parameters/wifi_pm (pass Y to enable and N to disable; its N by default). This option only appears after the wifi is activated
* More patches that are not relevant for the changelog but are visible on my repository




Credits by Kjetal

Edit:Update des Kernels