HTC Modelle vor 2019 [GUIDE] Jelly Bean Firmware Kollektion für verschiedene Carriers ID (CID)


OnePlus 8T
This thread is a placeholder for all possible firmwares we can get from official Jelly Bean OTA's.
Your CID number must be exactly the same. If it's written "HTC__001" it means you can't flash it, if your CID is "02__001". The whole text must match!

Please READ this small F.A.Q. before continuing!

What is is a part of each OTA update from HTC. It contains important part of the firmware like radio, bootloader, recovery, kernel etc..

Why it's important to flash and when should I flash it?
It is recommended to have flashed latest firmware on your device for best modem performance and system stability. Sometimes it's necessary to have latest bootloader flashed because otherwise your device might not work well with new system update.

Does contains radio?
Yes, it does contain radio, and for S-ON devices the only method to update radio is to flash latest

Why it's important to flash it before flashing custom ROM?
Because contains boot.img (ramdisk and kernel) that will replace custom boot.img from any custom ROM you have. That's why you have to flash first, because otherwise boot.img will be overwritten with stock one.
If you already flashed after flashing custom ROM, just flash this particular custom ROM again.

Does contains recovery?
Yes, it does contain recovery image, that's why after flashing you will have to flash custom recovery again, to be able to flash custom ROM afterwards.

Can I flash this on any HTC One?
Not if your device is S-ON. To be able to flash it on S-ON device, your modelid (example: PN0710000) and cidnum (example: HTC__001) must match the version you are about to flash.

If my modelid or cidnum doesn't match, can I brick my device if I try to flash anyway?
As long as your device is S-ON flashing with non matching modelid or cidnum will result in error and nothing will be flashed, so there is no risk of brick.

Do I need to have locked, unlocked or relocked bootloader to be able to flash
Your bootloader needs to be relocked.

If I can't flash newest because of wrong modeid (MID) or cidnum (CID) does it mean I can't use custom ROM based on the latest HTC update?
In most cases you should be able to run any custom ROM as long as hboot update is not mandatory.

What if there is no for my MID/CID?
Try to find latest OTA update for your original stock ROM and send it to me. I will post here.

x.xx.401.x - World Wide English (WWE)
modelid: PN0710000
cidnum: HTC__001
cidnum: HTC__E11
cidnum: HTC__102
cidnum: HTC__203
cidnum: HTC__405
cidnum: HTC__Y13
cidnum: HTC__304
cidnum: HTC__032
cidnum: HTC__A07
cidnum: HTC__J15
cidnum: HTC__016
Download: from 2.24.401.12
x.xx.709.x - Asia TW (Taiwan)

modelid: PN0711000
cidnum: HTC__621
Download: from 2.24.709.1
x.xx.111.x - T-Mobile DE (Germany)

modelid: PN0710000
cidnum: T-MOB101
Download: from
x.xx.206.x - O2 UK (United Kingdom)

modelid: PN0710000
cidnum: T-MOB101
Download: from

The rest will follow!

How to flash?
(bootloader needs to be relocked)

    • Re-lock your bootloader (this will most probably wipe content of your device)
    • Copy downloaded .zip to fastboot.exe location (e.g. c:/SDK/platform-tools/fastboot.exe)
    • Re-name .zip file to
    • Open command prompt
    • Boot your device in fastboot mode (vol down + power ===> fastboot)
    • Connect device to the PC
    • In command prompt cd to fastboot.exe location
    • Make sure you have correct modeid and cidnum (type: fastboot getvar all)
    • Type: fastboot oem lock (if your device is not relocked yet)
    • Type: fastboot oem rebootRUU and wait for device to reboot
    • Type: fastboot flash zip and wait for process to complete
    • Sometimes flashing for the first time doesn't work, so flash again just to make sure.
    • Type: fastboot flash zip and wait for process to complete
    • Type: fastboot reboot
    • Unlock your bootloader and flash custom recovery if you are going to use custom ROM.

RUUs variants:
Click here

Custom firmware


    • Custom firmware - package built from RUU with the changed content (adsp.img, rpm.img, hboot.img and others).
    • These packages are not signed, so you need S-OFF in order to flash it.
    • I take no responsibility for any damaged caused to your device, you flash it at your own risk.
    • Flashing process is the same as for official taken from HTC OTA package.
Firmware package from 2.17.401.1 RUU
  • There are new touch panel drivers inside this firmware that breaks touch in custom recoveries. You can flash it and use only hardware keys in custom recovery or you can remove tp_SYN3202.img from inside the package before flashing.
  • This device should work with no issue on any M7_UL PN0710000 device, however it might work on others too. You flash it at your own risk. More details here - HTC One variants [U/UL/WL]
  • If you want to add more modelid or cidnum open and edit android-info.txt inside package. Be careful with adding different modelid because you might end up with a bricked device.
  • Basically there is no clear reason why you should update this firmware, because it seems that all 4.2.2 custom ROMs are working perfectly fine with old firmware.
  • Read this and this
  • By default android-info.txt comes with the following modelid and cidnum:
modelid: PN0710000
cidnum: 11111111
cidnum: HTC__001
cidnum: HTC__E11
cidnum: HTC__102
cidnum: HTC__203
cidnum: HTC__405
cidnum: HTC__Y13
cidnum: HTC__304
cidnum: HTC__032
cidnum: HTC__A07
cidnum: HTC__J15
cidnum: HTC__016

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