JellyBam v4.1.0 (Android 4.2.1)






project android_frameworks_base:* Minor libsurfaceflinger correctionproject packages_apps_Settings:*
Added performance menu*
Added performance control*
Added disable media storage*
Moved about jellybam to the bottomproject packages_apps_CMFileManager:*
Sync jellybean with upstreamproject packages_apps_Contacts:*
If there's a contacts DB change while the dialpad is open, reload the cache instead of dropping itproject vendor_jellybam:*
Added ModMyDroid app, This is our new project blog alive since the last week. The app won't send any Notification or pop-up and doesn't have any additional adds. Consider to open it sometimes to check the latest news, tweaks and themes from us!
Added performancecontrol and mediascanner disabler

project android_frameworks_base:
* Minor MTP correction
* Default merry christmas wallpaper by bliss (If you are updating the ROM, enable system theme from theme chooser to display it)

project android_jellybam:
* Replaced stock Google [DLMURL=""]play[/DLMURL] store and framework services with hacked multi DPI
* Some minor modification in JellyBOOM (Battery saver)
* Enhanced GPS and 3G speed (Should works good now)
* Removed 4.2.1 Camera from p970 devices, revert to stock

project*android_packages_apps_Camera (4.2.1)
* Updated german translation
* Extend supported exposure compensation range
**Update [DLMURL=""]Russian[/DLMURL] Translation
* Added Italian translation
* Added hungarian translation
* Added PT-BR translation

project android_device_sony_blue-common:
* Update wpa_supplicant config

* Stagefright: add support for samsung proprietary omx

* Christmas wallpaper by bliss merged into BamPapers app



[DLMURL=""]JellyBam 20121025 - AOKP + CM10 + PARANOID - YouTube[/DLMURL]

[DLMURL=""][ROM 4.1.2] JellyBam - 20121025 [AOKP + CM10 + PARANOID] [3 ROM in 1] [SPACEDROID] - YouTube[/DLMURL]


[align=center]How to install (Von einem anderen Rom):[/align]

[align=center]- Download the ROM -
- Kopiert die .zip in eure SD/Internal card -
- Ins recovery mode booten -
- Wipe data/cache (only if you are coming from a different rom, Updating my rom doesn't need a factory reset) -
- Flasht die zip -
- Enjoy -[/align]
[align=center]How to install (Wenn ihr updaten wollt):[/align]

[align=center]- Download the ROM -
- Copy the zip file to your SD/Internal card -
- Enter recovery mode -
- Flasht die zip ohne Wipe! -
- Enjoy -



[align=center]- CM10, AOKP Know bugs -



Einigermaßen Übersetzt von mir (das Wichtigste)
Sagt wie die Rom ist!


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Das ist noch der Rest dernicht mehr drauf gepasst hat!

* Add ability to disable volume rocker preferences
* Fix screen off volume music control & remove CM volbtn_music_control 2/2
* Added About_JellyBam xhdpi icon
* Added brasil wi-fi country code (Thanks restlesssoul)
* updated Czech translation
* updated Japanese translation
* updated Greek translations

project packages_apps_ROMControl:
* Add alpha settings to Circles lockscreen rings
* Fixed lockscreen targets
* Revert "Customizable Softkeys: ROMControl Part" (Duplicated, set it trough CM Settings)

project packages_apps_Contacts:
* Cleanup and improve T9 search code.
* Also search nickname and organization in T9 search.
* Czech: added missing national characters
* Added missing hungarian translation for t9_loading
* Contacts: Fix T9 crash in Chinese.

project packages_apps_Phone:
* es_ES: Added new translations
* Deleted extra translations
* Phone: Dutch translations
* Phone: Simplified Chinese translations
* Phone: update German translations
* Phone: updated Czech translation
* Phone : Added missing French translation
* Phone: fix broken translation
* Fix for NPE in BluetoothSMSAccess
* updated Greek translations

project packages_apps_jellybam_Camera:
* Camera: add option to select storage location
* Call getSupportedPreviewSizes in video mode
* Fix for video color effect

progect packages_apps_Calculator:
* Add German translation for return to basic panel
* Remove untranslatable strings
* Remove spaces and tabs
* Changed translation to fit actual meaning
* updated Greek translations

project packages_apps_Browser:
* updated Greek translations

* Fixed poweramp and 3rd party music players FCs
* Added default indian support, thanks to guruxin
* Updated ExTweaks
* SuperSu update
* Apex Launcher update
* Google Calendar update



Android 1.1
Galaxy Note 10.1
Funktioniert der Stift bei der rom? Ich nutze ihn doch etwas öfter und von daher wäre es mir wichtig :D

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