JellyBeer v3.54 (Android 4.2.1)



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This ROM is an evolution of the JellyBeer ROM for the Samsung Galaxy Note. So, if you own a GNote, you can test also JellyBeer for it.
Screens by kgill7, thanks! (The screens are for the Nexus 4 but they're just to give an idea of what the rom looks like)
This ROM is CM10.1 based (Android 4.2.1)

In ROM settings:
DPI app Groups
3 different UI modes @ any DPI (phone, phablet and tablet)
Set custom DPI (320 as default)
Navigation bar
Change navigation bar height
Dual panel
Custom carrier name
Disable bootanimation
Center clock in status bar
Week day in the clock
Custom bootanimation

Extra changes:
Support for /data/local.prop
Added ZipInstaller (Multi zip installer!!!)
GooManager support
CM tablet options activated when in TabletUI
Remove all recent apps button
And more...

CHANGELOG: Jellybeer 3.52 Added Multi User All CM10.1 merges

JellyBeer 3.54
All CM10.1 merges
Added Pick any widget for Lockscreen Cleaned up systemui
Added swipe to QS DPI Groups now working

Jellybeer 3.52
Added Multi User All CM10.1 merges

Downloads and installation
Download the ROM from here
Download the GApps from [DLMURL=""]here,[/DLMURL] [DLMURL=""]here[/DLMURL] OR Banks GApps here
Copy the ROM to the SD
Copy the GApps to the SD
Install the ROM and the GApps taking into account that:
If you are already in JellyBeer, do a cache wipe and dalvik cache wipe
If you come from any other ROM, do a wipe data

Bugs & Issues

All Same as Official CM10.1


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