HTC Modelle vor 2019 [KERNEL] Bulletproof-3.4 | S2W | L2M | DT2W | BLN


OnePlus 8T
Bulletproof Kernel
for Google Play Edition and Sense-based ROMs

This version works on every HTC One variant except Sprint.

The Sprint HTC One version is here:

Bulletproof is an enhanced stock kernel for those who depend on their phone and need 100% stability. It is highly optimized for smooth performance and extended battery life. Enhancements include several sleep/wake options (S2W, DT2W, L2W), pocket detection to prevent accidental wakes, full compatibility with paid apps, button light notification, 60Hz refresh rate for HDMI, HTC logo as menu button, support for many gamepads and more.

* Standard disclaimer:
* Your warranty is now void. Use at your own risk.
* In other words: It is your choice to use this software,
* I am not responsible for any damage or problems!​

  • Aroma installer
  • sweep2wake
  • doubletap2wake
  • logo2menu
  • logo2wake
  • pocket detection
  • optimized for battery life
  • button light notification
  • /system writable
  • NTFS r/w support
  • faux123 sound control support
  • CIFS support
  • /dev/frandom
  • voltage control
  • intellidemand governor
  • FIOPS and SIO i/o schedulers
  • fix MHL refresh rate
  • maintains compatibility with all paid apps
  • support more game controllers
  • optimized -O3 Linaro 4.7.3


Sense 5 or Google Play Edition Android 4.2.2
mirror 1: Bulletproof-m7-3.4
mirror 2: Bulletproof-m7-3.4

Sense 5 Android 4.1.2

For more options and tweaking, try my other kernel: ElementalX

Previous releases:
mirror 1: Bulletproof-m7-3.2

Credits and Thanks:

tbalden: logo2menu and bln
mkasick: Fix for empty app-mounted directories

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1. Install zip from Recovery
2. Reboot!

Note: As far as I know, you don't need to use dumlock. I've never used dumlock, I just install from recovery like normal and it always installs.


Sweep2wake (S2W) allows you to wake up your device by swiping your finger across the capacitive buttons from left to right. Swiping from right to left will put it back to sleep (sweep2sleep). The options are: sweep2wake/sweep2sleep, sweep2sleep only, and disabled. If you use apps such as Kernel Tuner, the sweep2sleep only option can be selected by choosing "On with backlight".


1=enable sweep2wake + sweep2sleep
2=enable sweep2sleep only

DoubleTap2Wake (DT2W) allows you to wake the device by double tapping in the bottom inch or so of the screen, above the capacitive buttons.


1=enable doubletap2wake

Logo2Wake (L2W) allows you to sleep or wake the device by long pressing the HTC logo. You have to press just slightly above the HTC logo. The screen will automatically turn on or off with a long press.


1=enable logo2wake

Pocket Detection
Pocket detection protects against accidental wakes while S2W, DT2W or L2W are enabled and the phone is in your pocket. Pocket detection uses the proximity sensor. A few people have a problem with their proximity sensor that makes DT2W not work, so I've made an option to disable pocket detection.


1=enable pocket detection

Enabling Logot2Menu (L2M) allows you to use the HTC logo as a menu button. You must press just slightly above the HTC logo.


1=enable logo2menu

Button Light Notification
With Button Light Notification (BLN), the capacitive buttons will blink on and off when you have a new notification. As soon as the screen comes on, BLN is canceled and the lights will no longer blink until you have another notification. Please note that if you have your screen set to turn on when a message arrives, you will not see the buttons blinking because once the screen comes on, the button light notification is canceled.


0 = disabled
1 = BLN enabled

NTFS support
This is for anyone who wants to use OTG to connect a USB stick or portable harddrive formatted with Microsoft's NTFS filesystem. You will need Stickmount or a similar app, HTC Sense does not automatically detect NTFS filesystem.

Paid Apps
All the cryptographic modules load properly, so you shouldn't have an issues with paid apps.

Other stuff
This kernel supports many game pads and controllers, including PS3 controllers and some X-Box controllers. It has full OTG support. A refresh rate of 60Hz for HDMI output allows you to play games on the big screen without choppiness. CIFS support is built into the kernel. Faux sound control is also supported.



July 11, 2013 - Bulletproof-3.4
-fix touchscreen registering input during calls
-add TCP congestion algorithm options
-fix fastcharge (@tbalden)
-vibration feedback for s2w
-add sysfs config for sleep/wake vibration strength
-change lower voltage limit to 700mV

June 30, 2013 - Bulletproof-3.2
-fix BLN setting not applied
-update BLN
-fix for app-mounted directories (thanks @mkasick)

June 29, 2013 - Bulletproof-3.1
-add support for Android 4.2.2
-update aroma installer

June 23, 2013 - Bulletproof-2.1
-adjust doubletap2wake
-tweak hsic

June 20, 2013 - Bulletproof-2.0
-update to latest HTC sources (still 4.1.2!)
-updated camera (works with .16 base ROMs)
-updated capacitive button sensitivity
-revert earpiece audio patch
-remove camera fix
-adjust doubletap2wake sensitivity
-pocket detection only active when screen off

May 22, 2013 - Bulletproof-1.10
-make camera fix optional
-wifi as module
-revert arm rwsem algorithm
-adjustments and fixes to sweep/wake options

May 14, 2013 - Bulletproof-1.9
-add option to disable pocket detection
-add new settings schema for sleep/wake functions
-fix bug dt2w not working when s2w disabled
-change l2w to automatically sleep/wake after pressed for a certain time

May 12, 2013 - Bulletproof-1.8
-suppress accidental wakes with s2w and dt2w
-fix dt2w setting not sticking
-add button light notification @tbalden)

May 10, 2013 - Bulletproof-1.7.1
-fix for camera on .16 based ROMs (thanks to he_stheone64)

May 5, 2013 - Bulletproof-1.7
-add DoubleTap2Wake
-update faux sound control support
-add option to disable menubar
-minor fixes

May 1, 2013 - Bulletproof-1.6
-add vibration to logo2wake (tbalden)
-fix hsic wakelock
-faux123 sound control (faux123)
-update to latest HTC sources
-optimized arm rwsem algorithm
-optimized AES and SHA1 routines
-disable usb whitelist
-fix fastcharge

April 28, 2013 - Bulletproof-1.5
-add logo2wake

April 26, 2013 - Bulletproof-1.4
-add logo2menu (thanks tbalden)
-adjust sweep2wake
-add aroma options

April 25, 2013 - Bulletproof-1.3
-voltage control
-camera fix included
-added /dev/frandom
-glibc memcpy

April 22, 2013 - Bulletproof-1.2
-new implementation of sweep2wake
-CIFS fix (thanks tbalden)

April 21, 2013 - Bulletproof-1.1
-Fixed moc_crypto loading (kernel name is same as stock: 3.4.10-g42e6c45)

April 21, 2013 - Bulletproof-1.0
-fix earpiece sound in calls (many thanks to tbalden!)

April 16, 2013 - Bulletproof-0.5
-adjust sweep2wake
-force fastcharge (untested: use at your own risk)
-re-enable perflock

April 16, 2013 - Bulletproof-0.4
-adjust sweep2wake

April 16, 2013 - Bulletproof-0.3.1
-adjust boot.img

April 16, 2013 - Bulletproof-0.3
-add sweep2wake
-wifi driver built-in

April 15, 2013 - Bulletproof-0.2
-disable perflock
-arm cpu topology
-update cpu_power according to cpu load
-mhl change to 1280x720@60Hz
-add CIFS support
-add FIOPS and SIO i/o schedulers
-update ramdisk

April 13, 2013 - Bulletproof-0.1
-compiled -O3 with Linaro 4.7.3
-aroma installer
-based on HTC source code 1.28
-intellidemand governor
-init.d support
-ntfs r/w support
-xz kernel compression
-disable system write protection
-adjust readahead to 2048
-fast rcu nohz


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