HTC Modelle vor 2019 [KERNEL] [sense4.2.2|GoogleEdition]teaMSeven-2.1.4|L2W|DT2W|BLN|OTG|CIFS|PWP|OC|UV


OnePlus 8T

teaMSeven Sense/Google Edition kernel
for Android 4.2.2 Sense ROMs and Stock Google Edition ROMs (non AOSP!)

FOR SENSE ROMS with 4.2.2 BASE (2.17, 2.19, 2.24 BASES TESTED) AND Google Edition ROMs
Brought to you by the cooperation of n3ocort3x and tbalden


- No accidental touch events when in-call on ear-piece screen off by proximity (on stock 4.2.2 kernel this happens, you can touch the buttons accidentally with your ear while screen is off)- Different Wake options (Home2Wake, Logo2Wake, Sweep2Wake)
- Pocket Wake Protection (prevents phone from waking accidentally in your pocket, when it contacts skin through textile)
- Logo2Menu, Logo2Sleep options
- Button light notification (only with screen off, if not on charging light, or screen on)
- all OTG devices (except ps3 controllers, sisaxis, as the stack of htc is not compatible with that, afaik)
- system write protection disabled in kernel
- cpu freq stats enabled
- Undervolting control enabled (as an exception for tweaks in the Stable Edition, because it's not risky if you don't actively undervolt in a tweak app)
- sound control (thanks @faux123)
- additional TCP congestion variants (use Trickster Mod or other app to set it)
- force usb fastcharge possibility

Performance Edition additional features:
- Hotplug control (MPDecision removed from ramdisk, hp by Fransisco Franco) - use tweak app to control it. Advice:
- undervolting control
- overclockable (CPU)
- underclockable
- Thermal control (
- additional Governors (interacitve, smartmax,intellidemand,dancedance) - tbalden's recommendation: with stable edition: OnDemand / perf edition: msm-dcvs
- additional io schedulers (fiops, row, bfq)
- GPU overclocked 450mhz

Known Issues

- you tell
- some of the 2.24 base roms might need third party voice command app for Bluetooth voice commands (might be a stock issue, not this kernel's issue)

Special Thanks

@Flemmard for the CAF updates / video hw decoding fix, CM team,
HTC for releasing Google Edition sources


Stable Edition - Usability Features + UV possible, FastCharge, NO OTHER TWEAKS, NO OC/UC: -

Performance Edition - Usability Features + TWEAKS, UV/OC/UC, FASTCHARGE: -


0. go into Recovery
0.1 DO A NANDROID backup if you didnt already -- if anything goes cheesy, restore your backup
1. flash All-In-One installer zip (aroma menus will ask for options)
1.1 If you want to use a tweak app to set things on reboot, remove from /system/etc/init.d/ 01-h2w and 01-blinkbuttons and 01-pwp scripts
2. reboot

Reverting: flash original ROM you were using or restore the nandroid backup

Kernel sources

More info:
- Compiled from HTCDev source for Google edition
- Adds support for more USB OTG devices than official HTC kernel like dslr- (only works if your phone's charged above 30%!) - PS3 controller and alike wont work, htc's bluetooth stack is a no-go
- Added CIFS (windows share filesystem mount support, use CIFS manager)
- All in one installer - script by @he_stheone64 (thanks !)
- Added init.d support (thanks @torxx !)
- H2W/L2W/L2M/S2W
- blinking buttons (button light notification) - be aware that only blinks on notification if phone's not charging, and when screen is not on
- Based on latest kernel source for Google edition phone


Version 2.1.4 - Jul-6-2013
- Adding a limit for doubletap2wake to not wake on the outer edges of the screen
- Further Fastcharge fix for unknown USB device case (thanks n3o)

Version 2.1.4-performance - Jul-6-2013
- Adding a limit for doubletap2wake to not wake on the outer edges of the screen
- Further Fastcharge fix for unknown USB device case (thanks n3o)
- Adding new governors:
-- intellidemand - all credits to faux123
-- dance dance - all credits to Snuzzo

Version 2.1.3 Stable - Jul-2-2013
- Adding optional Fastcharge (use tweak app e.g. TricksterMod to enable it, and replug USB if it was plugged already, it will charge faster from your PC/laptop)

Performance Edition Version 2.1.3 Jul-1-2013
- Fixed FastCharge (it was broken as tests have shown, now it's fixed properly, if set in e.g. TricksterMod, and re-plugged USB, it will show AC plugged and will charge fast)

Version 2.1.2 - Jun-30-2013
- Adding @faux123 's sound control (use e.g. Trickster Mod (SoundControl) or Faux123's control app to set it)
- HSIC tweaks from @faux123 / flar2's m7 kernel
- Adding TCP Congestion variants (use e.g. Trickster Mod to set it)

Version 2.1.1 Stable edition- Jun-29-2013
- Adding DoubleTap2Wake option
- Adding UnderVoltage control to Stable Edition, not undervolted by default
Leave it as it is for stability, or use tweak app to control it.
Version 2.1.1 Performance - Jun-29-2013
- Adding DoubleTap2Wake option

Version 2.1.0-performance-beta - Jun-29-2013
- Replacing external htc MPDec with MAKO hotplug of Fransisco Franco, tuned by n3ocort3x
- Removing MPDec service from ramdisk
- Adding additional IO schedulers (fiops, bfq ...)
- Resolving max frequency being cut to 1.02GHz on first screen off/on

2.0.3-performance-beta Jun-28
- Fixing camera tap zoom freeze issues

2.0.2-performance-beta Jun-27
- Performance Edition's Wi-Fi regression fixed

1.0.0-alpha version update, Jun-3:
- Initial release