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LMT is a tool for Android (tested already on multiple devices - see below) that launches a command when perform single touch or multitouch gestures on the screen (In any app/screen/etc.). You can connect basic and advanced commands to any gesture LMT supports. In addition to the gestures you can activate a system-wide PieControl for navigation like the feature in the ICS stock browser (touch the side of the screen to activate it).


Download the latest apk, copy it to your phone and install it via file explorer. After installation start LMT and set the specified input device for your phone. Then connect an action to e.g. the double swipe up gesture, start the touchservice and do the double swipe up gesture on the screen afterwards. If everything works fine, you’ll see the corresponding overlay and action. The input devices/touchscreen to screen factors:

  • HTC Evo3D -> 4
  • HTC Sensation -> 2/4, x=200%, y=100%
  • HTC Amaze -> 4
  • HTC HD2 -> 0
  • HTC DesireHD -> 3
  • HTC Thunderbolt -> 1
  • HTC Inspire 4G -> 1
  • Google Galaxy Nexus -> 1, x=100%, y=100%
  • Google Nexus S -> 0
  • Google Nexus 4 -> 2, x=200%, y=200%
  • Google Nexus 7 -> 0, x=160%, y=200%
  • Samsung Galaxy S2 -> 2
  • Samsung Galaxy Note -> 2
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 2 -> 2
  • Samsung Galaxy S -> 0/8
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 -> 4
  • Sony Xperia T -> 2
  • Motorola Atrix 4G -> 3/5
  • Motorola RAZR -> 4
  • Motorola DROID 3 -> 4
  • Motorola Defy -> 3
  • HP Touchpad -> 6
  • Acer Iconia -> 2/4
  • Alcatel One Touch 997D -> 7

  • Square (start gesture top left cw)
  • Diamond (start gesture at the bottom cw)
  • Delete (start gesture top left)
  • SwipeRightDouble
  • SwipeLeftDouble
  • SwipeUpDouble
  • SwipeDownDouble
  • SwipeRightLeftDouble
  • SwipeLeftRightDouble
  • SwipeUpDownDouble
  • SwipeDownUpDouble
  • QuestionmarkDouble
  • SquareDouble
  • DiamondDouble



  • None -> Trigger no command
  • App -> Trigger an arbitrary app
  • Home -> Switch to home screen
  • HomeLongpress -> Trigger the TaskManager
  • Menu -> Trigger the menu key
  • Back -> Trigger the back key
  • Search -> Activate search
  • SearchLongpress -> Activate voice search
  • NextApp -> Switch to the next running app
  • PrevApp -> Switch to the previous running app
  • LMT -> Open LMT user interface
  • Wifi -> Toggle the Wifi mode
  • Bluetooth -> Toggle the Bluetooth mode
  • GPS -> Open the GPS config menu
  • Key -> Trigger an arbitrary key (e.g. "3" for the HOME key - see Follow this post for keycodes)
  • Activity -> Trigger an arbitrary activity (e.g. "com.android.lmt.InfoActivity" for the LMT info page)
  • WebPage -> Open an arbitry webpage (e.g. "http://forum.xda-developers.com")
  • Script -> Open an arbitrary script (e.g. "/mnt/sdcard/sendevent.sh" for Home Longpress - see attached script sendevent.sh)
  • KillApp -> Kill the current foreground app and switch to home screen
  • KillAllApps -> Kill all apps and switch to home screen
  • TaskerTask -> Start a predefined tasker task (You should avoid spaces in your task name)
  • OpenNotificationBar -> Open the notification bar
  • OpenQuickSettings -> Open the quick settings
  • OpenKeyboard -> Open the soft keyboard

The ISAS (invisible swipe areas) can be used to swipe with one finger from the sides to to center of the screen (like you would bring up the pie) to trigger actions. E.g. you could use the 3 ISAS at the bottom of the screen to trigger back, home and recents with just swipes when the navbar is hidden. Those swipes are as fast and reliable as normal button presses. In order to make the ISAS work you have to do the following setup:

  • activate gestures via setMode (because ISAS are being recognized via the internal gesture engine)
  • Configure single swipes bbox. Actually this is the length in pixel the swipe must be long, so that the corresponding action for the ISA is being triggered.
  • Configure single swipes activation area. This is the height (for bottom/top ISAS) or the width (for left/right ISAS) of the area, where the swipe must be started in. So the lower the value, the more precise you have to start the swipe at the side of the screen
  • Last but not least the touchscreen to screen factors: As for some devices the touchscreen uses a different coordinate system as the screen, you have to adjust here the values for x and y. For the Nexus devices I added those values already to the OP and in later versions I'll introduce a kind of auto calibrate. But for now it is a little bit of testing...
Once the setup is complete you can assign your actions to the 12 available ISAS!


If LMT is not working on your device out of the box please determine the correct input device first:

  • Download a terminal (e.g. terminal emulator) from the market
  • Enter su and then getevent in the terminal
  • After that just touch the screen and send me the trace from the terminal
Then create a logcat:

  • Install e.g. catlog from the market
  • Record with catlog the following procedure:
  • Start LMT
  • Set input device to xxx from first procedure
  • Set single touch gestures to 777
  • Start the TouchService
  • Do the double swipe up gesture on the screen
  • Stop the TouchService
  • Send me the logcat...

Setting the pie color:

The format is just ARGB8888 in hex (8 bit for alpha and every color). So just use #xx where xx is alpha starting from 00 to ff and add the desired color afterwards. Have a look here for different colors but keep in mind that in these examples the alpha value is missing: http://www.javascripter.net/faq/rgbtohex.htm So if you have the color "rgb(124,252,0) #7CFC00" it will be #FF7CFC00 for an opaque pie and e.g. #807CFC00 for a half transparent pie...

Adding custom icons for pie items:

To have custom icons for the pie items put your own png images into the following folder: "/sdcard/Android/data/com.android.lmt/files/". The default icons have the size 120x96px but other image sizes should also work (they will be resized). You can define custom icons for every pie item and/or for every action (LMT first tries to load the icon for the pie pos, then the custom icon for the action and will use the default action icon if no other icon is defined). To set custom pie pos icons name the png pie[0-19].png where e.g. “pie0.png” will be the icon for pie item level1, item1, shorpress and “pie1.png” will be the icon for level1, icon1, longpress. To set custom action icons just name the png [actioname].png (see command section in the OP for action names – use lowercase, e.g. back.png). Please restart the TouchService after you changed the icons, so that LMT can recreate the pie.


[*]1.8 -> First version of status infos on pie. Status info shows clock, additional infos and notifications. In order to get notifications on the pie you must activate LMT as accessibility service in the android settings. Swiping on the status info will pause the animation, swiping back on the pie will restart it. Releasing finger on the notification will start the corresponding application. Releasing finger on the clock will open the notification panel and releasing on additional infos will open quick settings panel; Added full color support for pie (normal, select, icon and status info). Set #ARGB,#ARGB,#ARGB,#ARGB or Android color constants e.g. "gray,yellow,black,yellow". Also app/user icons are colored now; Added new default pie color 5; New default TouchService mode is pie only since gestures are confusing for new users; Fixed exception in load icon code; Fixed icon size in app selection dialog; Changed some UI strings; Added new action OpenQuickSettings; Exchange some pie images; Cleaned up permissions

Download LMT 1.8

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Download LMT 1.8


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