Alternative Firmware MIUI ROM v5 3.3.1 Changelog


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Fixed - Progress bar dislocation issues
Fixed - VPN notification click results in invalid response

[Lock screen, status bar and notifications]
New - OTG device notifications in notification bar
Optimised - New visual mask style
Optimised - Account unlock visual style

New - Support to send text messages on a web page
Optimised - FC issue caused by exiting Messaging
Optimised - Contacts sent via SMS will be shown in business card style

Optimised - Sliding across the dialing panel area can switch to the contacts page
Optimised - The SMS icon clickable area of the details page was expanded
Fix - After hanging up the phone, the call log shows "Updating"
New - Background color of contacts only with small avatars will change according to the contact picture

Fix - New desktop widgets position error in the new screen.
New - Support V4 folder background, text color, and the bottom bar background
Fix - Application icon does not display in the deletion dialog box
Fix - Folder name cannot be modified when it is empty

Optimised - Online list page theme name font size
Optimised - Details page style adjustments
Optimised - Currently in use theme indicator adjustment
Optimised - Ringtone list page download button style adjustment
Optimised - Current lock screen customization
Optimised - Review and rating list page style adjustment
Optimised - Ringtone list page filtering tab style adjustment
Optimised - Search bar style adjustment
Fix - Preinstalled theme not show preview
Fix - Applied font does not take effect

Optimised - Album download logic to avoid invalid account deletion or downloads
Fix - Viewing large image and pressing menu will show a white line at the bottom of the menu
Fix - Horizontal screen enter enlarged browse page results in dislocation problems

Optimised - Online music list page title color
Fix - After modifying ID3 song information, the page showing the list of song cannot be refreshed with new information
Fix - Online music pausing of download or delete the download task, cannot re-download the item
Fix - Album art, portrait artist and lyrics show repeated download issues
Fix - Online music loaded state in some cases displays the wrong information

Fix - Adding private SMS contact to the blacklist will not import private messages​

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MI ONE is v4 3.3.1

You will get Chinese OTA on v5 at some point. This poses a problem! Do not accept any OTA via China. We will provide you with English ROMs here, until the OTA problem is fixed. Otherwise you will OTA to a Chinese release and it will fail to Flash due to SHA-1 signature changes in our modifications
Changelog: [DLMURL=""]Changelog - MIUI ROM v5 3.3.1 Changelog | MIUI Android - Redefining Android[/DLMURL]
MI ONE is v4!
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