[MOD][Simplistic Framework][3.5.1][N7100]


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Originalthread von LegendK95 auf XDA Developers:

Simplistic Framework *Exceed the limits* - xda-developers

Die Mod verändert Statusbar, Multiwindow Control, Toggles usw. Mit den 2 kostelosen Apps kann man MultiWindow und die Toggles einstellen.
Für ein kleines Donate, gibt es vom LegendK95 die Simplistic Control App mit der man einfach alles verstellen kann. Diese ist im Playstore erhältlich oder sich mit LegendK95 in Verbindung setzen und er gibt ein Paypal Link.

Meine Erfahrung: Meine eigene Rom [QPower V1.3 XXDMB6] basiert auf dieses Simplistic Framework. Alles läuft super flüssig, sieht schick aus und das ohne jegliche Einbußen. Dieser Mod ist bis jetzt mit allen neuen Bases zurecht gekommen, ohne Fehler. Aber probiert es selbst aus ;)
Die Mod kann ich jedem Note 2 Besitzer nur empfehlen!




You may be asking yourself now, what the heck is this all about?
Well, let me tell you. Simplistic Framework is a compilation of
framework mods and hacks for Samsung based ROMs, with each mod FULLY
costumizable through a control app (like AOKP).
This will literally turn your stock ROM into a very powerful ROM, packing many of the mods you all like.

Who is this aimed at:


Everybody owning an N7100, on a custom ROM</acronym> or stock one.
For ROM cooks look at the F.A.Q
Is this free?/How can I acquire the control app?


Yes and No, some of the mods are pre-enabled for you.
Other mods need the donation control app </acronym>to enable/control.
Donation will happen through
PayPal, and I won't put any price because it's a donation afterall, and
you choose how much you would like to contribute.
Although you have to be reasonable, i.e. anything below 1.34$ will be returned back.
You will be emailed the control app, and saved for updates, and will be emailed again once new updates are out.
Donate to get the donation version!
Please allow 24 hours at max for me to send you the app (most probably you will receive it immediately)
NOTE: All people who donated to my previous project Multi Window Complete Control will receive this for free!



Enough chitchat for now! It's time for me to convince you, here we go:
Note: Look at the 2nd post for a more detailed features list, and the pre-enabled mods
General UI Customizations
Full integration with MWC App/Other MultiWindow Hacks
Lockscreen options
Customize Power Menu
General Status Bar Customizations
Status Bar Clock Options
Status Bar Battery Options
My fully customizable 23 toggles (not lidroid ones) coded from scratch,
they include the original scrolling animation (which you can turn off)
and many more!

Supported Firmwares:


Note: Support starts from 4.1.2 firmwares and only for N7100 (At
least for now, meaning if many users want an N7105 version I may make


Detailed Features:

- General UI:

Home button double click disable

This will make it very fast

Choose app </acronym>to launch on home double click

Home double button delay control

To make the home button fast, but keep double click!

Battery Full Notification and Screen WakeUp Enable/Disable

Holding Volume Keys on Screen Off skips song/FM station

- Full integration with MWC app, and a shotcut if it's installed

- Lockscreen

Original JellyBean Lock Enable/Disable

Holding home button on lockscreen will activate fast torch!

Delay of the fast torch on the lockscreen

- Power Menu

Added recovery and download mode reboot </acronym>buttons

Control the items in the power menu, add/remove anything from the power menu!

- General Status Bar

Brightness Bar at Notification Panel Enable/Disable

Status Bar Color and Transparency Control in Homescreen

Choose ANY color and any transparency level for the statusbar!

Enable transparency on water lockscreen.

Color will be applied to all lockscreens, this will make transparency also apply for water lockscreen

- Status Bar Clock

12H/24H Clock

Center Clock/ Right Clock/ No clock

Add AM/PM to the clock

Add small weekday to the clock

Clock color

Enable/Disable Clock leading zero

- Status Bar Battery

Choose Battery between Samsung, green circle battery, lucid battery, text battery or no battery!

Small text percentage (like Samsung one) fully customizable, you can choose normal color and color at charging.

- Toggles

Available toggles:

WIFI Toggle

Data Toggle

Assistive light (Torch)

Sound Controls

Auto Rotation

WIFI Hotspot



Power toggles which let's you shutdown, reboot, recovery or download

Airplane mode



Screen Timeout (has an unlimited toggle so that screen doesn't turn off)

Media Scanner Toggle

USB Tethering

Power Saving

Driving Mode

Multi Window

Blocking Mode

Smart Stay

Smart Rotation



You will be able to add/remove any toggle, change positions and..

- Enable/Disable scrolling animation!

- Many more!