HTC Modelle vor 2019 [MOD] Xposed Statusbar Tweaks, Icons,und mehr! [SENSE][4.1+]


OnePlus 8T
I've taken the AT&T cyan and orange icons from this thread and packed them into an Xposed module. It can replace all of the statusbar icons and the battery icons with percentage-based icons.
As an fyi, I removed all of the Verizon and CDMA icons.

The mod can also make the statusbar transparent, remove the clock, remove the battery, auto-hide the AT&T data icon when connected to Wifi, colorize the stock 4.2.2 text battery and battery icon based on charge level, and allow you to switch between AT&T, T-Mobile, and International signal icons without changing your device CID.

A huge thanks to wangtang2k for providing and sharing the cyan and orange iconset. I liked it so much I wanted an easy way to re-apply it every time I flash a new ROM, without worrying about SystemUI compatibility.

Also a big thanks to rovo89 for making the great Xposed Framework. I think it's the coolest thing since sliced bread!

Does not require any SystemUI updates/flashes! Tested on ARHD 10.3, 11, 11.5, and 12 with stock SystemUI.apk

Install steps:
  1. Make sure you have Xposed Framework installed (ARHD offers it in the AROMA installer)
  2. Make sure you enable the app_process from within Xposed Installer and reboot
  3. Install attached apk, just like you would any other apk
  4. Enable module in Xposed Installer, pick which settings you want, and either reboot, or restart the shell (adb shell 'stop;start' or Soft reboot)
  5. Enjoy the purdy icons


Updated this and included options at ilkevinli's request. Now you can select which icon(s) are overwritten by the module. Should be compatible with any SystemUI mod, as it just replaces resources upon request.


Older changes

  • [1.5.0]
    • Added option to override notification pulldown background color & transparency.
    • Added Sense nav bar transparency option. Still doesn't work on the Blinkfeed page for some reason.
    • Haven't addressed transparent statusbar for Sense yet, but will work it into a release soon.

  • Icon requests
    • AOSP gray & blue icons
    • White statusbar icons
    • Stock ATT cyan & orange data arrows
    • MIUI V5-style status bar icons
    • Add USB and Power connection icons
    • Look into changing carrier text and icons
  • Preference additions/changes
    • Add pref screen to pick which quicksettings tiles are shown, and in which order
    • Option for transparent Sense navbar -- Mostly done. Just have Blinkfeed to address.
    • Transparent notification pulldown
    • Option to add 1px grey divider line in transparent sb background
    • Investigate Nova force wallpaper scrolling transparent sb background
    • Add RGB/Hex input field to color pickers
  • Misc changes
    • Look into TrickDroid compatibility issue
    • Check feasibility of supporting lower resolution HTC devices (Sensation, etc)

Things moved to a separate version
  • Full GE support
  • GE-style battery icons
  • Add proper size GE battery icons and styles from zero71
  • Samsung SGS3/GN2 support



  • StatusbarIcons_v1.5.0.apk
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