AOSP-ROM][4.0.4] PARANOIDANDROID v1.5a [CM9HYBRID][25/06/2012]

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This is an ongoing developer project to make way for a modification that will entirely transform your device, but retain the aesthetics and the experience of your phone. I know you've seen tablet mode roms before, they change two lines in your build.prop file which you could easily edit yourself in seconds and maybe throw a keyboard in there to make it work better. It's a start, but this ain't enough. This thing has potential, but it is wasted the moment you try to stuff a full blown tablet into your poor phone. Yet we all know our high res phones can very well handle more than silly 1-column layouts. So the magic must be in between somewhere, a place that Google must have overlooked and left blank. Yes, this rom strives to drop your device into tablet mode, but it won't stop there, it will reshape and redefineICS</acronym> to make it all a usefull addition and not just a cute novelty. we're calling it:
Hybrid Mode, best of both worlds.

Donations to CM [DLMURL=""]Donation Tracker - CyanogenMod Forum[/DLMURL] , to molesarecoming this post by apascual89, to me this post by apascual89

  • Install Rom: [DLMURL=""]Paranoid Web Tools - Build status[/DLMURL]
  • Install HYBRID Gapps: [DLMURL][/DLMURL] [DLMURL=""](mirror only if needed)[/DLMURL]
  • Wipe</acronym> caches, factory reset is a must if you're coming from another rom than CM9
  • CWM</acronym> -> Advanced -> Fix Permissions (VERY IMPORTANT STEP)**
    **If you updated via OTA</acronym>, and you're facing issues, please Fix Permissions

  • [DLMURL=""]FAQ & HELP[/DLMURL] - Read before asking!
  • Go to Settings, System, Font size, set it to NORMAL
  • Launcher Settings: margins: SMALL (If youre using Apex / Nova), show permanent searchbar: YES, Grid: 5x4, resize all widgets: YES, Wallpaper scrolling: OFF

  • Nothing yet. All possible visual bugs can be fixed changing PAL & PAD parameters

  • Cyanogenmod Project, for [DLMURL=""]CM9[/DLMURL]
  • gokhanmoral, for [DLMURL=""]Siyah Kernel[/DLMURL]
  • Tina, for images on this thread Home
  • evilisto, for Sense Recent Apps mod, and basic [DLMURL=""]Tablet mode[/DLMURL] source
  • dubidu, for hiding statusbar mod

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