HTC Modelle vor 2019 ◄RAYGLOBE 8.0 ►YOUR LEGO ROM - Power of immagination|SVN&HUB|JB 4.3 | 3.09.401.1 with Sense 5.0


OnePlus 8T

ROM works on EVERY TYPE OF HTC ONE (International, Developer, AT&T US, T-Mobile US)


The Rom itself has not been modified, rather its kept simple with minimalist mods. This is done for all users who want close HTC experience with small amount of modifications for battery & speed.

For all users who want to experience the true potential and power of this ROM, We have MyHub with Rayglobe Theme.

Rayglobe theme is the heart of Rayglobesystem and contains all modifications which is required to customize the rom to your taste!!





OTA Updates, Now Also Get No need to download the full rom over an over again, simply follow the SVN setup guide & download OTA Updates (a message advice you when you can go on svnclient), ZIP the updates using WINRAR & transfer them to your phone and finally flash it in recovery. For the complete guide on how to setup your SVN click here
(hyperlink "[DLMURL=""]click here[/DLMURL]")

• |Android 4.3 | 3.09.401.1 with Sense 5.0 -
• Stock HTC Kernel with system write access
Rayglobe theme
• Real icons
• myHUB - Fully Sensed HUB – by Microsmile ([DLMURL=""]link)[/DLMURL]
• More languages enabled (FULL WWE)
Samsung S4 HD TTS Voice
Sansung Svoice
Bravia Engine 3 from Xperia Z
Xloud from Xperia Z
Album & Video from Xperia Z
Sony walkman from Xperia Z
Sony Launcher from Xperia Z
Power saver from Xperia z
New ringtones from Galaxy s4, Oppo, Xperia Z
• 5x6 app drawer with menu (thanks mwilky)
• 1% Battery ancd charge animation
• MMS mods
• Root, busybox and init.d support
• Added long press volume key for media controls (long press up = next song, long press down = pause)
• Added bash support
• Remove debug info from apk
• Persistent ADB enabled
• Ramdisk improvements
• Excellent Battery life, performance and memory improvements
• Added adblock hosts file
• Added sysro, sysrw, sqlite3, mountcheck, other useful tools
• Openvpn / sqlite support
• Disabled logging & removed bloatware
• System signatures check enabled
• Wifi fast connect
• Stripped debugging info
• Optimized with latest sdk.
• Disable 3-dot black bar
• Removed boot sound
• Added more build.prop tweaks
• All applications updated to the latest version
• Support almost 24 hours a day
• ...and many more!

[DLMURL=""]Rayglobe ROM V 8.0 - Full ROM[/DLMURL]
Mirror - XDA File Server - Thanks Korumera


Lordinho (Thread Designer)
Maurydes (Banner designer in the first time)

The Rayglobe’s Rom and our team is always open to contributions from everyone. Every single change, suggestion or help is really appreciated. If you want to join us please send your application for PM

• Download the ROM and place it on your virtual SD card
• Boot your device into recovery mode (Volume Down + Power)
• wipe data / factory reset
• In main menu, select "install zip from sdcard"
• Select "choose zip from sdcard" and browse to the location of ROM zip
• After flashing process is complete, reboot the device

Q: I'd like to collaborate.
A: PM me.

Q: MD5, what is it, and what it does?
A: The MD5 message-digest algorithm is a widely used cryptographic hash function that produces a 128-bit (16-byte) hash value. It ensures that the file is downloaded correctly and completly to avoid issues when installing/using it.

Q) Does my phone need to be unlocked?
A) Yes, with a custom recovery

Q) Do I need to be rooted?
A) No, the rom will come rooted

Q: Do I need to perform a full wipe when upgrading from old version of your ROM?
A: I always recommend to perform a full wipe when you change base (JB 4.1 to jb 4.2 or Rayglobe number (.4 to .5))

Q: After flashing the ROM my phone stucks on splash screen / bootloop?
A: Make sure you flashed the correct boot.img, and try the command 'fastboot erase cache'.

Q. FC on message.apk
1. backup your sms (menu - backup / restore messages)
2. install titanium backup from market.
3. open titanium backup - backup / restore - click to edit filters - type in the box messages - let it find messages app tap on it wipe data. done

Q: How change EQS order
A: To change EQS order

go in systemcustomizeACC
ed edit line 415 with your 12 EQS. First 5 go in mini eqs settings. Here code

0 "user_card"
1 "brightness"
2 "settings"
3 "wifi"
4 "bluetooth"
5 "airplane"
6 "power_saver"
7 "rotation"
8 "mobile_data"
9 "sound_profile"
10 "wifi_hotspot"
11 "screenshot"
12 "gps"
13 "roaming"
14 "media_output"
15 "auto_sync"
16 "roaming_setting"
17 "music_channel"
18 "ringtone"
19 "timeout"
20 "syn_all_fake"
21 "apn"

Q: I lose all file in my SDCard
A: Rayglobe Rom is on Android 4.2.2. In this ver., your SD card is utilized in a different way to allow for multi users on Android. Because of this, you will not be able to see any of the data on your SD card when you flash the latest ROM. This means that your gallery will appear to be empty, for example. Also, when you connect your phone to your PC, it won’t be able to see the content of your SD card either.

Q: How I can shift my files from ne sdcard format? (Thanks
A: Below I will outline 2 different methods for upgrading your phone. You can choose whichever method works best for you. Please note, that it is recommended you do a full wipe before installing this ROM if you’re coming from Android 4.1.2.
Method 1: Complete clean install of 4.2.2. This method will ensure you come to Androd 4.2.2 with a completely clean phone, including a wiped SD card.
1. Backup the contents of your SD card that you want to keep to your PC. Remember that your photos should be backed up to your PC already if you use dropbox, so only copy across stuff that you absolutely want to keep. Be sure to copy across any backups that are stored on your SD card such as your Titanium Backup Folder, Backup SMS folder (if used), etc. You can back up your entire SD card if you want, bear in mind that it will take some time.
2. Make sure you have a nandroid backup on your SD card just in case the ROM installation doesn’t go smoothly.
3. Put the ROM on to your SD card, boot into recovery, wipe data/factory reset (do not wipe your SD card yet). Install the ROM, choosing to do a full wipe when in Aroma.
4. Reboot your phone, to make sure that it boots without problems. If it boots fine, then return to recovery and format your SD card.
5. Boot your phone again, and start setting it up. You can start copying your backed up data from your PC back to your phone. Any backups such as Titanium Backup will be visible by your phone once it has been copied back to the SD card.
6. That’s it… should be running a nice and clean Rayglobe Rom on Android 4.2.2!

Method 2: Install then migrate data within SD Card. This method will allow you to flash Android 4.2.2 without having to completely wipe your SD Card.
1. Backup the contents of your SD card that you want to keep to your PC. Even though you won’t be wiping your SD card, I would still recommend that you back up your most important stuff to your PC just in case.
2. Make sure you have a nandroid backup on your SD card just in case the ROM installation doesn’t go smoothly.
3. Reboot into recovery and flash the ROM with a full wipe. When you reboot after flashing, your SD card will appear to be empty due to the changes in directory. This means that your gallery will appear to have no photos, and when you connect your phone to your PC, you won’t be able to see any files.
4. Now you need to migrate your data within your SD card. For doing this, you have two methods:
a. Method 1: Using a file explorer with root access, navigate to /data/media. Here you will see all of the contents of your SD card. Copy this data to your SD card location. Please note, this could be a very long, slow process if you have a lot of data to move.
b. Method 2 (Thanks to Turge [MENTION=243864]xda[/MENTION]): This method will rearrange you SD card much more quickly. Just make sure you have nothing important located at /data/media/0 as this will be deleted. Using ADB, connect your phone to your PC and type the following:
a. adb shell
b. rm -r /data/media/0
c. busybox find /data/media -maxdepth 1 ! -path "/data/media" ! -path "/data/media/0" | while read filename; do mv "${filename}" /data/media/0/ ; done
5. Once everything has migrated, you should be able to view your Titanium Backups etc and restore from there. Of course, if you use something like HTC backup, then you would have been able to restore data automatically when setting up your phone.
6. That’s it! Your phone should be up and running successfully on Android 4.2.2!

Q: My computer doesn't recognize my device?
A: Download and install latest HTC Sync Manager from here.

1. The first time that you install Rayglobe Rom on jb 4.1.2 base Samsung Hd voice don’t work. Reinstall Rom. No problem if you already on JB 4.2.2 base
2. Use quick settings to off phone

• Everyone who works on the ROM with me on
• timberwolf671 for incredible support and for permission to use is real icons and theme (timberwolf671)
All men have a sweetness in their life. That is what helps them go on. It is towards that they turn when they feel too worn out. Cit. Albert Camus
• mike1986 for the base and his share policies (real Xda spirit)
• mwilky (his mods are always awesome)
• he_stheone (for 5x6 prism.apk)
• shnizlon
• Dunc001 (for APM)
• ZeroInfinity (Purex audio permission)
• Onepagebook (for his theme and some icons)
• Rizal Lovins (for Xperia porting)
• All team Viper
• Basil3 (for meteo icons)
• rayford85 (for Prism guide)
• hungsolow (for some icons)
• kylepont (for boot&down animation)
• Baadnewz
• androite (for bravia engine 3 thread)
• eg122 & steal25 (for dialer and phone button image used only in 4.0 ver.)
• ApokrifX (for any HD TTS voices)
• v-b-n (for fonts)
• codexc (to share with me his knowledge)
[font=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]zhuhang@xda (ViPER4Android (V4A) Audio Effects)[/font]

(And everyone who contributed somehow to the dev community. Please PM me if i forgot anyone):

In the spirit of the XDA community we are happy to share our work but always you must ask permission to use anything.
We work extremely hard to provide our users with the best possible work to give them the best experience. We reserve the right to report others who use our work without express permission in accordance with the XDA rules and all of the following items
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[ROM][5 Sep]◄RAYGLOBE 8.0 ►YOUR LEGO ROM - Power of immagination|SVN&HUB|Android 4.3 | 3.09.401.1, a ROM for the HTC One

ROM OS Version: 4.3.x Jellybean
ROM Kernel: Linux 3.4.x

Version Information

Created 2013-08-05
Last Updated 2013-09-15


Zuletzt bearbeitet:


Teammitglied a. D.
Nexus 5, Oneplus 3

Infos zur ROM:
letztes Update 15.09.2013

Der ROM Ersteller acer73 hat aber angekündigt, das es keine weiteren Updates mehr geben wird.
Er wird sein One gegen ein Xperia Z1 eintauschen.
acer73;45604400 schrieb:
Friends unfortunately my htc one is being repaired. When he returns from maintenance'll sell it. In these days buy a new smartphone (xperia Z1) and will close this thread. All my roms have always been subjected to extensive testing before posting here and it is not serious to continue to develop without having the terminal.
Thank you for the very good time (i will thanks every single users of my thread) and thanks to all supporters here (i I grew thanks to your reports and feedbacks) and donors as well!
Last words for great dev that I have known here (baadnewz, Mwilky and others).