Samsung Modelle vor 2019 [ROM][4.2.1][p5110 & p5113] Unofficial BAKED Blackbean 7 STABLE 01/12/13



[align=center]Ich, oder die Entwickler/Publisher der ROM oder Mods,
übernehmen keine Haftung für mögliche Schäden an eurem Gerät!

Ihr seid daher für euer Handeln selbst verantwortlich!!!

Original Port & Support by sevenup30 / xda[/align]

Dieses Rom basiert auf

AOSP Build Baked Source
Aokp Toggles
mehr entnehmt Ihr nachfolgend den Features

Aussage vom Entwickler

Warum habe Ich dieses Build gemacht?Originaltext:
Because android is all about choice, and we actually dont have many choice, so i hope make you happy with this.


Build From Baked Source
Inklusive Rom Control (kang from aokp but made into baked style)
Inklusive Aokp Toggles (aokp)
Inklusive Powerwidgets (cm)
Lockscreen shortcuts 8 tablet (cm)
Lockscreen weather (cm)
Lockscreen calendar (cm)
Full customized Mms app (baked)
Includes DSPManager (cm)
All system apps and Gapps fully inverted for your pleasure (baked)
Many many more features in and even more stuff planned to come.


Get baked for p5110 STABLE

baked für p5110 BETA



Kopiere Rom auf die interne/externe SD Karte
Flashe Rom im CWM Mod oder TWRP
Mache Wipe data/factory reset, wenn Du von einer anderen ROM kommst
Flashe die zip
mach anschließend Wipe cache/dalvik cache
flashe dann GApps.

Mache Reboot. Fertig!

Change Log
***01/12/13*** Fixed sound Fixed video playback

Sie sagen mir Bescheid, wenn Sie etwas anderes finden was nicht geht

Special Thanks

Baked for their ROM
All credit first and foremost goes to Google for making android and making it open source.
CyanogenMod obviously for giving onto the hacking community everything they have given.
AOKP for there amazing work on aosp.
Big thanks to codeworkx for his kernels

Speed_bot & mithun46 for build help check his thread
If you are left out and feel you should receive credit please PM and i will include credit.