Samsung Modelle vor 2019 [ROM 4.2.2] JELLYBAM - v9.0.0 [n7100] [AOSP


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Moinsens Leute

Hier mal das, in meinen Augen, beste Rom fürs Note 2:

Welcome to JellyBam





- Built from source -
- Overall features of AOKP, CM10.1-
- Custom JellyBam Settings with preferences -
- Tons of customizations -
- Themes and Mods in JellyBam style -
- [DLMURL=""]Latest CM10/AOKP Kernel compiled from sources[/DLMURL] -
- Google apps included -
- New Mali driver -
- Exynos HWComposer -
- Lockscreen with x8 Custom app targets -
- Bravia Engine libraries -
- Bravia XLoud audio libraries -
- PerApp DPI XPosed settings -
- CM 10.1 Chronus widgets -
- Infinite widgets on lockscreen -
- Custom home action and hardware button in lockscreen -
- Quick/Long click on weather and clock actions -
- JellyBam Panel in settings app -
- AOKP and CyanogenMod Settings -
- Mass storage mode -
- OTA Update via UpdateMe App -
- GAPPS included, no need to flash anything else -
- Apollo Music Player (Themed) -
- Quick SMS -
- AwesomBeats Lib -
- A good combination of stability and performance (Thanks Siyah Kernel + Personal mod) -
- Bluetooth hacked for send / receive APK -
- YouTube hacked with 3G+WiFi HD 720p PlayBack -
- Init.d scripts -
- JellyBOOM script -
- Media quality tweak -
- 3G and GPS Tweak -
- RAM Optimization + Multitasking -
- SmoothScrolling tweak -
- V6 Supercharger included -
- lot of Themes available in UpdateMe -
- TouchWiz 5 Launcher -
- Trebuchet Launcher -
-*Beats Audio by Dr Dre*(Powerfull bass) -
- Clearbass Sound by Sony*(Clear Bass) -
- Xloud by SonyEricsson*(higher sound volume and clearer sound on speaker) -
- Dolby Digital Sound*(Equalizer enhancer bass setting and Surround setting) -
- Surround Sound*(Deeper bass and reduction of bass distortion plus Eq setting support) -
- JellyBam custom Bootanimation by metallaxis -
- Center Clock/No clock/Right Clock -
-Volume Panel (Volume Rocker allows you to change ALL volume levels in one Menu) -
- Lockscreen Weather -
- Lockscreen Vibration on/off toggle -
- Performance/Color Settings -
- Brightness Control Slider -
- Multilang -
- JellyBam Style -
- Much more! Check it by yourself! -

- All the amazing features of CM10, PARANOID AND AOKP ALL TOGETHER-

[DLMURL=""]HOW TO Use XPosed?
we wrote a step by step guide with screens here![/DLMURL]





project vendor_jellybam:
* Tracking v5.2.0
* Update XposedInstaller 2.1.1
* Enable PowerMenu Tile for S2/S3 devices
* Enable Profile Tile for S2/S3 devices
* Added nfc to all devices
* Fixed bootanimation for n7000

project android_frameworks_base:
* Remove BigMenu Logic
* Lockscreen: respect global vibrate settings on longpress unlock
* Fix alt layout icon for H Data
* Add Profile Tile
* Add Power Menu Tile
* Add CPU boosting interface
* Add CPU boosting hooks
* ActivityTrigger: New class to invoke when activity starts/resumes
* Increase Zygote preload GC threshold to half the heapgrowthlimit
* Fixed some potential memory leak
* General fixes to make wifi priority work
* Pass default country code to driver
* Ping the driver for wifi-only devices
* Allow WIFI Settings to retrieve country code
* Camera: add additional ISO modes (2/2)

project packages_apps_Settings:
* Updated Japanese translation

project packages_apps_ROMControl:
* Allow User select Tablet Mode [1/2]
* Updated czech translation
* Updated simplified Chinese translations
* Fix Statusbar Toggles for spanish users

project frameworks_native:
* ui/sf: Add support for exynos HDMI (Merged)
* dumpstate: Squash fixes from CM 10.0 (Merged)
* Add setOrientation back (Merged)
* binder: Add MemoryHeapBaseIon (Merged)
* surfaceflinger: odd hw rotation (90/270) patch for swapping width/height (Merged)
* DisplayDevice: Backwards compatibility with old EGL (Merged)
* Sensor: Add RotationVectorSensor2 (Merged)
* libui: exynos4: apply FIMC usage flag on format HAL_PIXEL_FORMAT_YCbCr_420_SP_TILED
* GraphicBuffer: exynos4: set FIMC1 usage bit on samsung specific formats (Merged)

project packages_apps_Browser:
* Deleting pref_video_preload_choices translations (Merged)
* Added missing hungarian translation (Merged)

project packages_apps_CMFileManager:
* Serbian translation for CMFileManager (Merged)
* es_ES: missing translations (Merged)
* Added missing Czech translation (Merged)
* Added hungarian translations (Merged)
* PT-BR: Update Translation (Merged)

project packages_apps_Bluetooth:
* BT_MAP: Initial German translation (Merged)
* Bluetooth MAP (Message Access Profile) Upstream Changes (1/3) (Merged)

project packages_apps_Phone:
* Phone: implement noise suppression for phone calls (2/2) (Merged)

project packages_apps_Mms:
* Mms auto-retrieval (3/3): mms app (Merged)

project android_device_samsung_d2-common:
* d2-common: snd_soc_msm_2x: Adjust volume levels (Merged)
* d2: adds support for 5.1 sound (Merged)

Addition info:
* d2* devices should now works and boot correctly as well as maguro!

We are working hard every day for improve and let jellybam become the best rom ever created, if you enjoy it, please, consider a small donation to us by clicking this link! thank you



How to install (If you are coming from another ROM):
- Download the ROM -
- Copy the zip file to your SD/Internal card -
- Enter recovery mode -
- Wipe data/cache (only if you are coming from a different rom, Updating my rom doesn't need a factory reset) -
- Flash the zip -
- Enjoy -
How to install (If you are updating the ROM):
- Download the ROM -
- Copy the zip file to your SD/Internal card -
- Enter recovery mode -
- Flash the zip without wiping nothing! -
- Enjoy -

- CM10, AOKP Know bugs -


If you like my work, buy me a cup of coffee to drink during night to let me work with brain


Or click here for making a donation to Bliss_ that design the whole graphics (Icons, banner, wallpapers ecc) for JellyBam









iGio90 (Rom Dev) - Bliss_ (Art and graphics)
b1uefalcon and the whole team for the base frameworks
TeamHacksung (CM10)
[DLMURL=""]Kernel[/DLMURL] - (CM10)
Paranoid Android Team
bluefa1con (part of the framework of his P.A.C ROM)
TayyabKhalid97, Wis1152, Ricardo_ls, Uppon2, LuigiMak, Malo2000, LegendM, Lokicoon (Contributors)
Justin860 (Inverted Gapps + Themes)

GokhanMoral (Siyah Kernel)

Zum Thread bei XDA geht´s hier lang:

[DLMURL=""][ROM 4.2.1] JELLYBAM - v5.2.0 [31/01] [n7100] [AOKP | CM10.1 | DPIChanger][/DLMURL]

Das Rom vereint die besten Sachen aus CM10, AOKP und AOSP zu einem einzigartigen und pfeilschnellen Erlebnis :D

Leute die mich kennen wissen, dass ich viel und gerne flashe. Seitdem ich JellyBam nutze ist meine Sucht besiegt und ich nutze die JellyBam 4.1 seitdem Release und bin vollauf zufrieden :D

Bei Fragen einfach hier melden, oder auch gerne die Erfahrungen mit dem Rom posten...

Und nun: ab dafür ;)
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Teammitglied a. D.
Ich mache hier mal zu, bis geklärt ist was denn nu mit Rootbox und JellyBam los ist, bzw. was und ob abjekupfert wurde...

I am Weasl
and you've been SPANK'd by a Note 2


Teammitglied a. D.
Sodala, seit gestern gibts JellyBam in der Version 6.2 auf Android 4.2.2 - Basis.

Ich habe es seit gestern drauf und es läuft soweit alles. Fehler sind mir zumindest bis dato noch keine aufgefallen.

iGio werkelt momentan schon an V6.3.

ALLE downloads zur Rom findet ihr unter:

Momentan läuft bei mir der Stock-Kernel, seitdem gestrigen Update läuft der N.E.A.K leider nicht mehr. Das wird sich aber sicher in nächster Zeit ändern.

Zum Thema flashen:

Kommt ihr von JellyBam mit Android - Base 4.1.2 ist ein Fullwipe angesagt, kommt ihr von 4.2.2 könnt ihr dirty flashen...

I am Weasl
and you've been SPANK'd by a Note 2


Teammitglied a. D.
Seit gestern ist die 6.5 raus. Läuft perfekt!


Ihr MÜSST wipen. iGio hat die Einstellungen komplett in die Bam-Settings gepackt. Wenn ihr einen Dirty-Flash macht hat das zur Folge, dass ihr Fc's bei öffnen der Ton-Einstellungen und dem Empfangen von Anrufen habt...

Der neue N.E.A.K, V1.7, funzt nun auch wieder mit JellyBam...

I am Weasl
and you've been SPANK'd by a Note 2