Samsung Modelle vor 2019 SensatioN



SensatioN ROM 3.0 ICS by Crysis21

Rom Features:

-Based on XXLP2

-Modem XXPLQ

-Kernel CF-ROOT</acronym> 5.4



-15 toggles in quickpanel (thanks to lidroid for his framework)

-ADB</acronym>/USB storage mount script (works only with CF-ROOT</acronym>)

-CRT animation

-SIP support

-Removed camera click

-Phone with call recording

-No incremental phone ring

-Removed GameHub,MusicHub,ReaderHub

-Added Android Keyboard

-Apex and Nova launchers in /data/app

-Sms removed from logs

-SensatioN themed: MusicPlayer, Dialer, Phone, SystemUI, Frameworks, Settings, Memo, MyFiles

-changed icons

-TWLauncher homescreen set to number 4

-various tweaks and improvements

-ICS</acronym> lockscreen (If you want Samsung lockscreen you can flash the lockscreen patch)

-Samsung Lockscreen CWM</acronym> patch

Optional, you can flash the speed patch created by Intronauta (thanks to churapa for pointing me to it)

Rom :

-Speed Pack: Meine CB

-Samsung Lockscreen:
DSP Manager Equalizer for Android


-Transparent StatusBar:
DSP Manager Equalizer for Android

-Lockscreen fix:
DSP Manager Equalizer for Android


Macht einen sehr stabilen eindruck habe es jetzt zwei Tage intensiv genutzt
(das nächste rom wartet schon auf der SdKarte ich kanns nicht lassen)