Android 1.5 Cupcake
Galaxy S2

  • Fully built from AOSP sources with some cherry picks from CM, AOKP and my changes.
  • Easy to customize features (thanks to AOKP team) via ASS (Advanced Slim Settings)
  • ROM - (54 - 70)MB
  • Slim Common ( Includes Slim Gapps) - ~20MB
  • Compiled with small language (5) pack( en, fr, de, it and es. No new languages will be added)
  • Advanced Slim Settings ( ASS similar to AOKP Rom Control)
  • OTA via integrated Update Me with plenty of options
  • Lightning Launcher ( don't like it, d/l stock via my OTA app or use whatever you prefer)
  • Lockscreen Options ( Calendar, Weather etc, check via ASS)
  • Customizable Nav Bar ( upto 5 bar option)
  • Screenshot via Customizable Nav Bar
  • Status Bar Weather Panel
  • Clock mods via ASS
  • CM Quiet Hours feature ( via settings, sounds)
  • CM Theme Engine ( via Settings, Themes)
OTA App ( Access via ASS, OTA App) Eigenschaften:
  • New Version notification
  • Download new version
  • Install Some missing apps via Apps tab
  • Download some addon zips via Addon Tab
  • Flash new version or any recovery flashable zip file
    • Select Reboot Type via settings, reboot type ( works on all except touch cwm
    • Select Downloaded files ( choose downloaded files or select any flashable zip file from the phone)
    • Sort them for flashing order
    • Optional: select fiull wipe
    • Press Install, wait for it to enter recovery , flash in the selected order and reboot.
Entfernte Apps:
  • Genie Widget
  • GoogleFeedback
  • GooglePartnerSetup
  • Stock ICS launcher
  • LiveWallpapers
  • LiveWallpapersPicker
  • MarketUpdater
  • MediaUploader
  • OpenWnn
  • PicoTTS
  • SetupWizard
  • VideoEditor
  • VoiceSearch
  • Youtube
Changelog und Download:


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