Samsung Modelle vor 2019 [THEME]¡¡NEW V3!BlackColors ICS Theme v3 by Eladios ¡TESTED IN 10 ROMS, PERFECT 100%!


Android Beginner
Well I present my first theme for ICS</acronym>, and finally have an official ics</acronym>, and go is great if you notice quickly and smoothly and without errors.

I9100XXLPQ basis, tested on Criskeloservan v5 and perfect, thanks to them for making us a rom so good.

As in my previous topic for Gingerbread</acronym>
say there is more than 2000 images created by me, however there are
many left by fellow forum or found on the Internet, to thank them all
for their work.

Well the issue is the line that had to gingerbread</acronym>, but with a few changes as well, hope you like it and especially not the lyrics pete lol.

As I said the truth is that creating this topic has given me enough headaches as ICS</acronym> is pretty twisted.


Well as usual we put into the internal SD</acronym> and recovery from the zip Install from sdcard / choose zip / yes.

It takes a while for the first time so be patient, you will see that the
bootanimation stops at the end of the cycle and is not repeated,
should be a thing of the gingerbread</acronym> ics</acronym> because it does not, but again do well.

Changelog v2:

Added new market: Play Store in blue, latest version.

Changed many images catches you look better.

New top bar in red.

And much much more that you will go see.

Hope you like.

Changelog v3:

My new themed menus from scratch.

New pop-transparent.

New icons in my APP </acronym>files.

New icons waiting in red.

And much much more you will go I do not remember seeing it.

There are new screenshots below.

I want comments if you like as it is becoming the subject,

aaahh and acknowledge suggestions to improve

This is the link for the rom Criskeloservan v5 and v7:Themed 100%

[DLMURL=""]BlackColors - Wuala[/DLMURL] BlackColors ICS</acronym> v3 By Eladios

New Link to OTHER ROMS modified ICS</acronym>, now supported and tested by me on 8 new ROMS, works perfect on all. .


NARKDROID Icx2: themed 90%, it works perfect.

SENSATION XXLPS ROM v3.2: Themed 99%, it works perfect.

Simplistic and PS STOCK STOCK XWLP3 XWLP4: themed 98%, it works perfect.

VK XXLPS ICS</acronym> v4.3 and v4.4 XWLP4: themed 99%, it works perfect.

Wanan XXLPS LITE 10.5 and 10.6: 95% themed, works great.

MODROID - BENDER EDITION by KLANDER XXLP2: themed 92%, it works perfect.

OMEGA ICS</acronym> v7 and v8 BLACK SERIES BLUE XWLP3 and XXLPS: themed 98%, it works perfect.

FREQUENCY XWLP3 ROM v4.0: Themed 99%, it works perfect.

Lite'ning 2.5 LP3 and LP4 Lite'ning 2.6: Working perfect.

NOTE: Now also compatible with kernels Siyah


First install the ROM full wipe</acronym>, let it start.

Then install the Theme without wipes and worked perfect 100%. Tested.


[DLMURL][/DLMURL] NEW BlackColors OTHER ROMS ICS</acronym> by Eladios.


Mhhh.. irgendwie funktioniert der download nich!
Gibts nen alternativen link, bzw. funktioniert das Theme mit nightley cm9!?