HTC Modelle vor 2019 [TOOL] HTC One (M7) All-In-One Toolkit V2.1.1 [PERM ROOT][Noob-Proof]


OnePlus 8T
I would like to add for those that like my toolkit, PLEASE DO NOT POST IT ELSEWHERE WITHOUT MY PERMISSION!

I have seen multiple sites who copy and paste my work to their site! If I do not approve of it, then do not do it! it will discourage me from adding updates since it is being used for their own benefits!


If you post my work without permission, don't expect updates!

I created an easy to use GUI program for the HTC Amaze and I decided to make one for the HTC One. I spent a good over 10+ hours to learn how to script, watch videos on how to do it, working on it during school when I should have been listening lol and all that fun stuff. I am going to fix it and up and add more updates to it. You CAN place requests and I will try to fulfill it!

If this helped you out, Please press the thanks button and if you want, you can always donate!


- Install HTC Drivers
- Enter Bootloader (after it enters into bootloader, press the power button to enter Fastboot) REMOVED. No longer necessary.
- Get Token ID. Register at HTCDev, login to the site and submit the Token ID here. Buttons have been replaced and include links.
- Unlock Bootloader (Must place Unlock_code.bin in the folder)
- Install Recoveries
  • User Provided Recoveries
  • CWM Touch
  • CWM Classic
  • TWRP
  • User provided kernels
- Link to this thread
- Link to PM me if you need a phone unlocked
- Link to the One Development thread
- Boot Into Recovery/Bootloader/Phone
- Flash kernel/recovery/RUU zip
- Relock Bootloader (must be in fastboot)
- APK Batch Installer (Credits to hamsteyr)
- Donate to me (Hasoon2000) -> Donating to yours truly for putting time into this!

Here is a screenshot.


How To Use. THIS IS FOR THE PC ONLY. No plans ever for Mac or Linux. Sorry.
1. Download the toolkit DO NOT RENAME THE FOLDER
2. Download Winrar from here. Install it after you download it
3. Extract the folder anywhere.
4. Run the program.

- The guys at the AutoIT help forum that helped me learn how to make the script!
- Flyhalf205 for building CWM
- Devs for making us ROMS!
- The community for being awesome!
- HTC for making us the phone so we can be a community!
- To everyone else I may have forgotten!


I take no responsibility for any fault or damage caused by any procedures within this guide. No warranties of any kind are given.


From now on. All my new and future toolkits will be in my AndroidFiles.Org account and my Dev-Host Account is my main file-hoster! Thanks to @jmz for the hook up!

Dev-Host is now my mirror site.

V1.0 Released! 3-9-2013
- Initial Release

v1.1 Released! 4-5-2013
- Updated CWM/CWM Touch to (Credits to Flyhalf205)
- Added TWRP (Credits to Flyhalf205)
- Updated HTC Drivers to
- Root should now fully be automated. It'll push SuperSU, reboot to recovery and flash it

v1.2 Released! 4-11-2013
- Updated CWM/CWM Touch to v2 (Credits to Flyhalf205)
- Added TWRP (Credits to Flyhalf205)
- Added 2 links (1 to follow me on Twitter and 1 to a YouTube video on how to ask for help properly)

v1.3 Released! 6-2-2013
- Updated CWM
- Merged T-Mobile/M7/AT&T into one toolkit. Makes it all easier for me
- Added links for Factory RUU, device specific android dev links and device specific toolkit threads
- Placed links for my Androidfiles/Dev-Host account

v1.4 Released! 6-16-2013
- Updated CWM/CWM Touch to
- Updated TWRP
- Updated SuperSU to 1.34
- Added a Referral Program Link

v2.0 Released! 7-8-2013
- Merged Sprint variant with all the other models
- Added 2 S-Off commands (Write CID and Return to S-On) <--------- MUST HAVE S-OFF TO USE!
- Added links for Sprint toolkit thread and Sprint Dev section.
This is supports ALL HTC One models now!

v2.1 Released! 7-9-2013
- Updated TWRP (GSM) to
- Added Phil's CWM Touch for Sprint Models
- Updated SuperSU to 1.41
- Removed HTC Drivers and replaced it with a link to download. Lightens up the size of download of the toolkit with all the different recoveries!

V2.1.1 Released! 7-16-2013
- Updated TWRP GSM to
- Updated CWM Touch to (GSM and Sprint)

- Directory has to have one word.

Will Work. This will solve any issues if the buttons don't work when you press them.



Will NOT work. Your directory will look something like this and buttons won't work when you press it.

C:\Users\John Smith\Dropbox\Phones\Amaze_All-In-One_Kit_V2.4

If you have 2 words, put the folder in Drive C:

Ex. This will solve any issues if the buttons don't work when you press them.


Looking to add in the future
- Kernels
- More recoveries
- Makes Requests!!!


Q - Why Did you make this?
A - To make life easier

Q - You are limited on features. Why?
A- You can always make a request!

Q - Will this work on other devices?
A - Only the fastboot commands, HTC Dev unlock (device specific) and the HTC drivers. Toolkit is made for the specific device.

Q - Will you support more devices in the future?
A - If people REALLY want, I can make it happen. I just don't want to make anything that nobody would use.

Q - Awesome! Can I make a donation?
A - Of course! Do not feel obligated though. If you would like to make a donation, you can click the button on my toolkit or under my username.