Samsung Modelle vor 2019 WanamLite - Samsung Galaxy S2



WanamLite V10 XWLP3 Clean & Stable Blue ICS & Stock Themed

  • It’s a FINAL update Based on my deodexed XWLP3 (Blue ICS & Stock Themed)
  • Fixed 15 toggles buttons TEXT (Thanks to ?????? for his idea)
  • Decrease Home button lag on ICS lockscreen
  • Fixed BLN support for 3rd part Apps
  • Updated Google apps
  • Added AOSP Google Gallery & Calculator
  • Extweaks compatible (Siyah kernel V3.0 beta 7)
  • Added stock Calendar (remove aosp one, it causes FC)
  • Contact edit/delete fixed
  • Fixed Google plus “android acore FC” (Thanks to chemija)
  • Tweaked internet speed
  • Waste characterization enabled (For Rom cookers: PLEASE
    credit or let me know if you use any file of my rom, otherwise you will
    be reported)

Features :

Based on latest leaked ICS</acronym>.
Deodexed & Rooted & Zipaligned.
Updated Google Apps & Facelock
Blue ICS</acronym> themed (Themed apps & Numeric battery).
No SMS on call logs.
Unlimited SMS recipient list.
No SMS to MMS convert.
15 Status bar toggles.
Tweaked Speed & Battery life.
Disabled scrolling cache.
Removed all bloatware.
Large APN list.
Rapid GPS lock.
Enabled CRT TV & Built In SIP.
Removed all bloatware.
Enabled Hardware acceleration.
Added Trebuchet & Apex & Nova launcher.
Numeric battery.
Aosp</acronym> Email/Exchange/Clock.
No incremental ringtone.
Disabled Noise suppression.
ICS</acronym> Lockscreen.

LP3 samsung apps : [DLMURL][/DLMURL]
enable MTP : [DLMURL][/DLMURL]

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