Ich möchte euch die WanamLite Rom vorstelle.Bin selber mit ihr unterwegs uns sehr zufrieden damit.

Changes log:

Keep working tweaks with Ninphetamine kernel (was & still working for most of other custom kernels)
Reworked 15 Toggle buttons UI (Stock toggles style)
Fixed inverted flash toggle icons (was posted as a patch)
Reduced home button lag (Disabled home double click, you can enable it with a posted patch bellow)
Added ZTO CSC (Brazilian)
Some battery life improvement (less frequent memory garbage)
Enabled more languages
Fixed cell standby drain stats
CRT TV available as separate patch (still needs a patched surfaceflinger.so to avoid screen flickers)
Other things i don't remember

Changes log:

Updated base to XXALF6
15 Toggle buttons (Fixed Flashlight toggle)
Unlimited Messaging Recipient
Fixed Arabic RTL on Status bar
Boot sound & Camera enabled
Swapped Voice/Video on the Dialer (Done by me but Eitama’s idea thanks to him)
Reduced Touchwiz Redraw
Added more CSC
Repacked LF6 kernel

Updated Pegasusq governor tweaks
Tweaked internet speed
Keep my tweaks working on other custom kernels (you can flash any other kernel supporting init.d script)
Efs backup

Modded Camera (feature list here).
Other things i don’t remember

Features :

Based on latest leaked ICS
Deodexed & Rooted & Zipaligned
Unlimited SMS recipient list
Automatic SMS encoding (Arabic support)
Tweaked Speed & Battery life
Disabled scrolling cache
Removed some bloatware (25 app, not much for now, let see your feed back)
Large APN list
No incremental ringtone
Enabled Call recording
4 Way reboot
Clean build.prop for best Market compatibility
AOSP Keyboard
Kies support
Hacked ZSALED Email App
More to come on next releases...

Installation steps :

Copy my Rom to internal sdcard
Install a CWM recovery, [DLMURL="http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1684535"]get it here,[/DLMURL] (Only if you don't have it)
Backup, backup, backup
Flash my Rom from recovery
Reboot & enjoy

Some simple tips to get the best of your battery life :

Call *#9900# and disable Fast dormacy
Disable auto sync for accounts
Disable GPS (and wifi gps)
Disable auto backup of Gmail account
Set wifi sleep policy to "Never"
Set brightness level to automatic
Disable motion
Check your apps settings and disable useless background sync
Disable transition animations

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Credits: Kjetal/XDA Thread
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