XperianZe ROM 0.9.5



[align=center]Hallo :)

Heute möchte ich euch die XperianZe ROM vorstellen, die ich selber seit einigen Tagen auf meinem Gerät benutze und begeistert bin. Ich habe die ROM nicht auf Herz und Nieren getestet, aber für meinen alltäglichen Gebrauch ist sie einfach atemberaubend (SEHR gute Akkulaufzeit, flüssig, trz Energiesparmodus, für Spiele zwischendurch absolut geeignet ...). Die ROM ist inspiriert durch das Xperia Z und manche Sachen wurden direkt aus dessen ROM geportet, manche aus andere Xperia ROMs und manche sind gemoddet oder gethemt. Diese ROM ist mit dem JKay-Framework versehen, worduch ihr unzählige Einstellungsmöglichkeiten durch die JKay-Deluxe-App habt, jedoch habe ich diese nicht, finde die ROM aber trz. hammer. ;)


Rom Details

- Based on the latest XXEMR2 (Vodafone Germany) firmware
- Stock kernel (with init.d support)
- VERY lite rom, removed all the Samsung bloatware (Rom is 435 MB including 33+ MB of original Sony Xperia Z Wallpapers)
- Fully Deodexed & Zip-aligned
- Various system init.d tweaks (Ext4 tweak, Gpu rendering, Zip-aligning and SQlite etc.)
- Various build.prop tweaks:
Google DNS servers
Bravia engine v.2
And many more...
- Hosts Ad-block
- Modded Phone APK (from Mythtrandyr) With (higher quality) (auto) call recording, Option to turn increasing ringtone On/Off, Customizable end call delay and the ability to turn the record button on/off in the call screen) (Only in ROM v. or higher)
- Great integration of FaceBook in the following Sony apps: Album, Calendar, Walkman & Contacts sync
- Includes original Samsung Camera app, latest Play Store, latest Superuser app & binary and BusyBox
- Multi Window Control mod by LegendK95 (have Multi Window for EVERY app installed)
- This will turn your Samsung Galaxy S III nearly into a Sony Xperia Z

Rom Features

- Sony Xperia Z Launcher (with ThilinaC's '6x4 App-drawer' & 'Removed Theme's shortcut' mod's)
- Xperia Z Keyboard (with swipe support)
- Xperia Z Lock screen (by Arsaw)
- 28 Xperia Z original Wallpapers
- Xperia Z Boot screen
- Xperia Z UI Sounds, Notifications, Alarms and Ringtones
- Xperia Z System Fonts
- 2 Xperia Z Live wallpapers: Enchanted forest and Photo slideshow
- Latest Elegant system/icon Theme by ThilinaC
- Latest JKay Deluxe Framework by _JKay_

The following Sony Xperia Z Apps

TrackID (Sony's Soundhound alternative)

The following Xperia Z Widgets

Photos and videos
Tools (switches)
Walkman Widget
Recent calls
TrackID (Sony's Soundhound alternative)



Ein kleines FAQ


- It's STRONGLY ADVICED to BUY the JKay Deluxe Settings app from the Play Store with this ROM!
(I won't earn anything from the app, since its made by _JKay_, and not by me)

You will get MANY features/options with the JKay deluxe settings app! For example:
Choose between 6 different lock screens (including the Samsung ripple/ink lock screen),
change the circle battery to the one in the screenshots, add a 2nd row of quick settings buttons in the notification drawer... AND MANY MORE!!

The JKay Framework is already integrated in this rom, so don't flash it by yourself (you will LOSE the Elegant theme)
You only need to download the JKay Deluxe Settings app from the Play Store!

- If you wanna have the Samsung lockscreen: Open the JKay Deluxe Settings app -> Select 'Circle' -> Set common options -> de-activate 'Transparent status bar'

- For the people who can't change the lock screen wallpaper for the Circle (Samsung) lock screen: Make sure this option in JKay deluxe settings app is de-activated: Under 'lock screen options'; set common options -> de-activate transparant status bar. Now set a lock screen wallpaper with the Samsung Gallery. The Sony album app won't work.

- Standard you will have a Green Circle battery icon in the status-bar, not the one in the screenshots;
Can be fixed using the JKay Deluxe Settings app from the Play Store: JKay Deluxe settings app -> Statusbar options -> de-activate 'Hires battery icon'

- If Multi window mod doesn't work for 3rd party apps;
Fix: Make sure you're on ROM v.0.9.1 or higher, and Activate the 'All apps support multi window' option in the JKay Deluxe Settings app, reboot after that.

- For some people the Clock app freezes when adding an alarm. This is how you can fix it:
Delete the 2 default Alarms that are standard in the Clock app (long holding both alarms, and then hit the bin)
then the problem is fixed, the app won't freeze anymore when adding a new alarm.

- You can Backup/restore your JKay Deluxe settings in the JKay app with the Menu key! (don't forget to restore it after a wipe / ROM upgrade)


v.0.9.5: (Complete ROM, 435 MB)
- Added the original Xperia Z lock screen as default lock screen (ported by Arsaw) (It's the Jelly Bean lock screen in the JKay app)
- Added the Xperia Z sound picker (to select your ringtones and notification sounds) (ported by ThilinaC)
- Updated JKay 14.92.4
- Fixed the Walkman FaceBook Like function
- Added Samsung's *#0011# service menu (to disable power saving for Wi-fi etc.)
- Deleted some more un-needed Samsung lib/apk files


Andere Extras, wie Samsung Tastatur etc.