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Ich stelle euch hier die Xposed App vor. Die App benötigt Root damit sie ein eigenständiges Framework installieren kann.
Was kann dieses Framework?
Das Framework ansich kann nichts, ihr benötigt noch Module, damit das Framework seine Muskeln spielen lassen kann.
Module gibt's hier: http://repo.xposed.info/
Ok, was können diese Module alles?

Tablet UI in Jelly Bean anzeigen (nur bis 4.1.2)
Rechteverwaltung (wie in CM7, nicht wie PDroid)
DPI für einzelne Apps anpassen (Wie PA)
Und vieles Mehr

Das Framework wurde Hauptsächlich für StockROMs geschrieben, wünsche euch viel Spaß damit.
Zuletzt bearbeitet:
Hier ist auch Version 2.5 online

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Neue Version online.
2.5.1: Compatibility with new CM11 nightlies and LG G2 theming engine

Mittlerweile Version 2.6.1 erhältlich

Finale 2.6 hatte folgendem Changelog:

This is Xposed version 2.6 (final). The main changes in this version are:
* UI refresh using the Cards UI pattern
* New logo,
* Detection of several known issues, a warning with link to the FAQ item will be shown
* Release type selection in the downloader (only stable version are shown by default)
* Many internal improvements in the framework, e.g. better resources compatibility and performance

Developers, please check this and following posts for information about API changes.

In case you're looking for the Xposed-*-Recovery.zip files, they are stored in a subdirectory (Android/data/de.robv.android.xposed.installer/files) of the SD card now. This is the official Android API and will hopefully fix installation on some ROMs

Also a big "thank you" to the translators, many translations have already been updated. You can see the status on the brand new translation overview page, with completion status and templates containing the strings
Apropos, es gibt ein Statment zu Android L und ART:

"Getting it running" is one thing, whether it's good to publish it is another question. I've had a prototype of Xposed for the ART preview in December already. Barely tested, needed manual installation, probably failing here and there, but generally it did what it should. But already back then, I've seen that Google is still working actively on improving ART. They have made huge internal changes since then. Last weekend, I made my prototype compile against the master branch of AOSP and I had to introduce lots of conditionals. That's without knowing whether it will actually work, I just changed declarations, calls etc. to avoid compile time errors.
The ART preview in KitKat and the ART almost-final in the Android L preview are different pieces of software. Maintaining support for both of them means basically twice the work, especially for testing. That, and the fact that ART in KitKat was just an optional preview (with potential bugs that may be incorrectly blamed on Xposed), makes it less likely that I will publish Xposed for the KitKat variant of ART. That's not a final decision, it depends on how ART development continues and how well I can support Android L. It's important that Xposed works fine on upcoming Android versions where ART is the only runtime. KitKat support would be a bonus if it's not too much effort to maintain in parallel.
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Grob übersetzt: Er hat Xposed unter KitKat und ART zum laufen bekommen... mehr oder weniger; deswegen will er es auch nicht veröffentlichen. ART unter KitKat und ART und Android L (Preview) sind wohl ziemlich verschieden, sodass er eigentlich an zwei Versionen arbeiten müsste. Da ART unter KitKat jedoch noch Beta und optional ist, sieht er keinen Grund daran zu Arbeiten. Stattdessen will er sich dann auf Xposed unter Android L und ART konzentrieren.
Für mich alles nachvollziehbar und ich freue mich drauf! :)
Das ist der richtige Weg.